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  1. Television Marvels: What if...?

    Yeah just watched it myself, really enjoyed this one. Nice to have the odd dark storyline.
  2. Television Loki (Tv series)

    The problem is if Loki did stay as the same character and never evolve, the show would get very one dimensional and repetitive. I do get you though, it's hard when you don't like the change, I never liked prof hulk. Wish he'd just stay smashy haha
  3. Gaming Pokémon Go (Android, iOS)

    Ha yeah it's surprising how well those starters do in ultra, especially considering how cheap they are to power up compared to others. Only issue really is they need their community day moves to be at their best.
  4. Gaming Pokémon Go (Android, iOS)

    For PvP, check out rankings on It has all the info you'll need on which pokemon are better for each league, which movesets are best, and counters to avoid for each. Also, just FYI. There are three basic leagues. Great (upto 1500), Ultra (upto 2500), and Master (maxed...
  5. Gaming Pokémon Go (Android, iOS)

    Nice one on the 98% Ray! Yeah we don't all get 98%, you got lucky haha. And no probs, glad the app is working out for you!
  6. Gaming Pokémon Go (Android, iOS)

    Oh btw, you know you can leave the raid and you get your pass back these days right? You only lose it if the raid actually starts.
  7. Gaming Pokémon Go (Android, iOS)

    Yeah i was just referring to this, i just pick up as many 50 a day as i can manage until i get enough to buy the three remote passes. Rarely happens every day though, every other day if i'm lucky.
  8. Gaming Pokémon Go (Android, iOS)

    Will do! Although for the megas i do raid, i'm usually the one invited through the app. But yeah invites are so sketchy. Unless i'm online, and staring at the map at the moment i'm invited, i'll usually miss it.
  9. Gaming Pokémon Go (Android, iOS)

    Yeah i hardly did any mega raids before i found that app. I'm working from home these days, so can't raid with the city centre people. The local group don't seem bothered about megas. Recently i've just been collecting the free gym coins for the 3 pass pack, then doing the 3 megas on the app...
  10. Gaming Pokémon Go (Android, iOS)

    Yeah hitting great/excellent curveballs with golden razz improves your chances a lot, but even so you're still gonna miss some. I miss plenty still. Other than that, try and take your time, there's no rush. Learn the pattern of their attacks, if they jump twice in a row for example. I tend...
  11. Gaming Pokémon Go (Android, iOS)

    Haha yeah legendaries can be buggers to catch sometimes!
  12. Gaming Pokémon Go (Android, iOS)

    In terms of raids, check out an app called pokeraid, it organises remote raids. So as long as you have a remote pass, go to a room, add the host as a friend, do the raid. Really easy. The rooms do tend to fill really quickly, but it usually takes less than a minute to get in one. They do try...
  13. Gareth Bale

    In terms of his attitude, i actually think it's solely related to Madrid. As said, he's been trying to leave, and been blocked. Plus been told by the manager he's unwanted, kinda hard to love a team that treats you like that. Wales has shown he can actually want to play for a side still, and...