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  1. The Fernandes Table

    The uplift in the team since Bruno's arrival is staggering! I can't tank him enough for the joy he brought back to my match days. I always wondered how come for certain teams, even bad ones, sometimes one player makes such a difference and brings the whole team to another level, thank God it...
  2. Rashford | takes on the government over free meals for kids - and wins

    This should be a start of a new chant ffs :D
  3. 25 years ago today

    Seeking attention much?
  4. Why are we dropping the standards for Ole?

    It's such a shame that so many of our fellow fans have such shortsighted views. If I can give you one advice it would be to just ignore the results of this and maybe even next season, we are working on something and its obvious with the way business was conducted. We sold/released quite a few...
  5. Smalling / on loan to Roma 1 year

    Anything bar relegation goes for me this season(and next), Ole can take it easy and finish the damn job, blood in youngsters and get rid of the deadwood, then buy the players we need when finished. Too much time has been lost trying to do everything at the same time.
  6. Mason Greenwood | 2019/20 Performances

    So at 17 in the netherlands 1.81cm is small? Are you sure my friend?
  7. Mason Greenwood | 2019/20 Performances

    More like the Chernobyl disaster.
  8. Mason Greenwood | 2019/20 Performances

    Seriously, no white text? People aren't hyped about him beacuse he scored two goals in pre-season friendlies. Its his skill set, instict and academy performances. And too small? You must have been a full grown man with 17 years on your belt, beard and everything... and puting that fact...
  9. Mason Greenwood | 2019/20 Performances

    In all honesty there is more chance of him winning the next ballon d'orr then what you just wrote.
  10. United's biggest problem - Our spoiled and overly entitled fan base

    I think you missed a trick there or white text missing xD There is literally not a worse situation at any club in the footballing World in that regard. Maybe some NBA or NFL teams... but just maybe...
  11. Pogba Future

    I don't mind Pogba leaving at all, but, him leaving would make things worse because a name like "Pogba" won't be replaced adequately and in order to attract players of such and higher caliber you need players of a certain quality already at the club. Luring in new "poster" boys will be hard and...
  12. Rebuilding Real Madrid - how do you do it? | Buy well

    I'll wait a season to give a verdict, but if I have to give one now, I think they will have a problematic next couple of years and NO their rebuild hasn't even started let alone finished.
  13. The thought of losing Rashford

    Honestly wouldn't give a damn, if he left that just means he had nothing to do here in the first place.
  14. Matthijs de Ligt / signs for Juventus, lowering their average age to 56

    I personaly don't care how much we pay him or how old he is, hoarding on top top hungry for trophies young talent will create a healthy atmosphere in the dressing room, with young men with the same goal, to succeed. Someone as vocal and talented as De Ligt would be the key piece, the captain. I...
  15. Transfer Tweets - 2019/20 | Check the OP for blacklisted sources before posting

    I wouldn't mind us smashing facebook's price for wattsap to get this kid.