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  1. The comprehensive Ronaldo thread

    Don't rule out the possibility Ronaldo could walk out of this squad before the end of this tournament. Or even the possibility something could happen in training that could result in Portugal removing him. I honestly wouldn't be the slightest bit surprised if something like that was to happen...
  2. The comprehensive Ronaldo thread

    I think his teammates must secretly hate his guts. All this respect bollocks is just rubbish.
  3. The comprehensive Ronaldo thread

    His fan boys will say he was desperate for a shite
  4. The comprehensive Ronaldo thread

    This can't get any better can it, he's cancelled his United contract and the best he's getting is Saudi Arabia. Let's all hope and pray Portugal win so the manager doesn't face the backlash dropping Ronaldo could give him.
  5. Cristiano Ronaldo’s next club?

    Reality is he's finished in Europe, his profile is too big to play second fiddle anywhere and most if not all clubs are now wise to the fact he will demand to play at all costs. Look at Portugal on Friday, he's 38 and he played a dead rubber fixture where half the team was rested. You aren't...
  6. Day 15: France vs Poland | England vs Senegal (Last 16 3&4)

    Unbelievable sight how empty this stadium is. I suspect stadiums were full of mixed fans, now teams are going home they've gone home. This could be the case in further matches.
  7. Sir Jim Ratcliffe: I want to buy Manchester United | Will make a bid for the club [Telegraph]

    Yeah, kinda like Triggers broomstick and brush. If you replace each stand it's effectively a new stadium. Just build a new super stadium in the car park next door.
  8. Players whose stints at United are totally forgotten....

    All three did well in their early games but fell away career wise. Brandon Williams is a funny one now, I thought he looked good a few years but he's not getting a look in at all anymore.
  9. Callum Gribbin: The ex-Manchester United wonderkid starting again in England’s seventh tier

    Just watched him play for FC United against Wythenshawe Town in the Manchester Cup. Some nice touches but got the feeling he was just going through the motions with little heart for the fight. I'd have expected a player of such talent to have dominated the game but the game seemed to have just...
  10. Qatar WC | Fans and Atmosphere Watch

    That's the second video I've watched now where fans doing live TV interviews end up with creepy looking guys listening into what they are saying.
  11. Day 1: Qatar vs Ecuador - Match Discussion Only Please.

    There are players on the field who genuinely are struggling to even control the football. Can't believe how bad they actually are.
  12. Day 1: Qatar vs Ecuador - Match Discussion Only Please.

    This is one of the worst displays I've seen for years at this level.
  13. Day 1: Qatar vs Ecuador - Match Discussion Only Please.

    Have they just dragged a guy off the street to play in goal here.
  14. Day 1: Qatar vs Ecuador - Match Discussion Only Please.

    It would seem even with 10 players on the field from other nations Qatar are still shite...
  15. Day 1: Qatar vs Ecuador - Match Discussion Only Please.

    :lol: I can still watch football and not agree with where the tournament is being played. It stinks that it's in a country with the human rights record of Qatar, simple as that. And that decision was a farce.