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  1. Are we the 6th best team in the league?

    You got 38/1 that Utd would finish no higher than 6th? What bookies and when did you place it? Strange considering there are three teams you’d expect us to be behind which means we’re 4th at best but with two other close rivals (Ars, Che) who could easily finish 4th/5th ahead of us. Find those...
  2. Appointing Solskjaer was a mistake

    The arrogance around here is amazing. It’s not downhill, not remotely. Right now, there are better jobs (should they become available) in England, Spain, Italy and Germany. United are a money making club with no playing identity, a thin squad and little hope of silverware. There are tans that...
  3. How long will Pep and Klopp stay at City and Liverpool?

    No. It’s a great mentality.
  4. We aren't great, but let's not pretend....

    Because it doesn’t count for shiit.
  5. Ole Gunnar Solskjær | 2019/20 Discussion

    That’s not the bigger picture! At all. Can everyone STFU with the Poch comparisons!!?! What Spurs, City or Liverpool do has nothing to do with us. And making comparisons with one manager to make yourself feel better is pathetic. This place sometimes.
  6. Jadon Sancho

    They’re in the Champions League; their manager has managed them to multiple CLs; they have Ramos, Verane, Kroos, Modric, Hazard, Bale, Benzema. They’re the biggest club in the world; the city they’re based in is cool; they’re the most successful team in Europe. Aside from that, not much.
  7. Graeme Sourness

    He was a savage as a player. When he talks it reminds me of how much I’d like a Souness on our team/in the dressing room. That kind of drive and leadership is hard to find these days.
  8. Pogba Future

    Yet to see it from him in a team that’s not filled with world beaters. I’d look decent in the same midfield as Pirlo. Pogba wouldn’t make the midfield of a world XI.
  9. Jadon Sancho

    Aside from money, what’s our biggest offering ahead of Barca,Real,City? People talk on here like if we want him we’ll go out and get him.
  10. Get rid of VAR NOW! We want our game back! (...or not, some are happy)

    You’re not black and white at all :) I’m saying bigger picture, I’d prefer the game wasn’t stopped so much, each decision questioned as it doesn’t flow naturally. Hence the balance of goal line technology.
  11. Get rid of VAR NOW! We want our game back! (...or not, some are happy)

    I’d prefer if there was just goal line technology and leave the rest to the play out naturally. But I know time will breed familiarity and it will just become 2nd nature I’m sure.
  12. Kevin De Bruyne

    Why the Caf can be a hard place to be sometimes. Not a chance Pogba is the best player in the PL, for one. And based on PL form, KDB is streets ahead of him. Pogba wouldn’t get in City’s starting 11; KDB would transform ours. That’s the difference.
  13. Ole Gunnar Solskjær | 2019/20 Discussion

    I didn’t say it had to do with the fans. Re-read the chronology of the post: club fails, standards drop, fans accept standards, fans accept mediocrity. It’s a business. View it in the same way. Only problem is the fans keep buying the product when it’s a below standard model thus enabling the...
  14. Which Premier League team had the best transfer window?

    You don’t actually believe that do you? I mean honest to God, hand on heart, scouts honour believe we had the best transfer window?
  15. Ole Gunnar Solskjær | 2019/20 Discussion

    They will, and justifiably. I agree he needs to tackle the job with what he has at hand. But he should have had more at hand. So it will read: could have done better but could also have done better with a better squad which he wasn’t supported in attaining. Ed and OGS to blame.