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  1. Raphael Varane | Signed for United!

    I'm sure you missed the word - potential. Shaw and Maguire just had a wonderful tournament. Varane is a CL multiple winner. The potential for them to shine is there.
  2. Raphael Varane | Signed for United!

    Wholeheartedly agree. But this back 4 has potential to be even better. Evra Vidić Rio is a hard team to beat, but Shaw Maguire Varane is equally good. All it remains is for them to stay fit for an extended periods of time and to gel properly.
  3. Paul Pogba (Out) | Rejected United contract offer according to reports

    I'd like to think i would do the same. But in order for that to work - we need a flying start to the season without Paul in the team for that threat to have a point. If we fail to perform, or draw with a borefest two games in a row, the media will rip Ole apart with the whole "that's what...
  4. Raphael Varane | Signed for United!

    UnReal this actually! Fecking Varane. In his prime. Our back 4 is now looking as good as ever.
  5. Paul Pogba (Out) | Rejected United contract offer according to reports

    Nothing actually. We're powerless. Not a good position to be in. We either play him because it suits us. Or we stick him in reserves to make a point. Either one is fine by me, its on the manager. I know what would Mourinho or SAF do, i honestly have no idea what Ole is about to do.
  6. Paul Pogba (Out) | Rejected United contract offer according to reports

    The thing is - we shouldn't fecking let him wait until January. Or run down his contract. Sign a new one, or sell. A player running down his contract isn't a player i'd like to have in the team. We're talking about commitment and team spirit here.
  7. Paul Pogba (Out) | Rejected United contract offer according to reports

    What he needs is a good head wobbling. I only hope Ole is strict about it. He's been with SAF for a long time, he should have the basics by now. Call him to his office and set shit straight. Do you want in or out - simple as that. I refuse to believe it's about money. They're...
  8. Paul Pogba (Out) | Rejected United contract offer according to reports

    It would be wise to close all threads on Pogba. Actually ban the name. It's not like he's given us a lot of joy over the last 4 years. Just hope this ends sooner rather then drag this shit over the course of another transfer window.
  9. Paul Pogba (Out) | Rejected United contract offer according to reports

    Could somebody count the times we had the "Pogba out" stories since he came back to United? Cometh the hour cometh the stories. It's like fecking groundhog day. Every fecking transfer window. I know it's mostly bullshit clickbait but still, can't remember we ever had a player linked with...
  10. FIFA are considering new football rules

    Why don't we go full Nike commercial? 20 min per half. In a cage. No cards whatsoever. Hockey style subs. Full fecking retard.
  11. Was Euro 2020 the best Euros ever?

    Not even close. Bullshit tournament. Massive feck up with coronavirus thing. Second massive feck up with the whole let's fecking play across Europe and Asia with zero hosts but actually letting most of the teams play at home. No fans. No fan pits. Most fun i ever had was in the city centres...
  12. The online civil war in our fanbase

    Somebody said Pogba out?? Where can i buy tickets for that?
  13. Anthony Martial | 2021/22 Performances

    Wait, he's injured? Hope he's well on his way of recovery. If there ever was a chance for him to shine - it's FECKING NOW! Mark your spot as CF with Sancho and Greenwood left and right and take Cavani's place. He's got the talent, he's the right age..... But somehow, as i'm writing this i...
  14. Rashford is going ahead with surgery and could be out until October

    Of course i have an issue. It's not like it's a secret. I've been telling you all along I have an issue with this specific matter. Except you're making it look like I have an issue with Rashford per se. And that's a bit cnutish of you to be fair. Let me make this clear, again. Southgate...