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  1. We need another forward this January

    I say go for Bruno Petković. He'd be a great addition. Big strong guy, he'd do great in the PL. Can't go wrong with him.
  2. Ole Gunnar Solskjær | Permanent manager

    Ole the player was Great! And i mean hell of a personality, hell of a player. Knew where to be and what to do. Ole the manager is just not good enough. Doesn't know what to do and probably even doesn't know why he's still here. Someone should do him a favour and sack him asap. We'll...
  3. Post match vs Burnley

    We need to take this team to Ganges. Cleansing and all that. Feck me sideways this is so bad. Nothing. Absolutely nothing.
  4. Manchester United vs Burnley

    Absolutely agree. Your injured? I don't give a feck. You're still part of this team. You come to practice sessions, you attend games. Goes for everybody. You do not get a free pass just because you're injured.
  5. Manchester United vs Burnley

    Fecking shit this is
  6. Dani Olmo

    Kid is fecking great! He'll be a world beater in two season time. We'll be stuck with a finger up our ass once again.
  7. Is there any way back?

    Honestly, i'd give it a go. Give it to the end of the season (what's there to lose) to Ole, and start planning long term. Start with luring Edwin Van Der Sar back to United. Appoint Poch. Give him the financial backing and hope for the best.
  8. Ole Gunnar Solskjær | Permanent manager

    A lot will say there is no point in discussing Ole after this game, a lot would be wrong. The players selected were wrong. The formation was wrong. The subs were too late. We certainly need players, especialy if he's gonna mismanage the lot of them into dumb injuries, but that's no excuse.
  9. Liverpool vs Manchester United

    Worst result. Dumb goal to concede, rode our luck for a while and missed the chance to go level at Anfield.
  10. Liverpool vs Manchester United

    This. For the life of put players in the last 15 min if you're two goals up!!! and want to waste time, not if your chasing a goal down. Amateur.
  11. Rashford suffers a double stress fracture

    That's a sackable offense for the whole medical staff involved. Only for that would i love to see Mourinho back for a day - to sack the lot.
  12. Liverpool vs Manchester United

    Come on Ole! Change something! Let it at least look like we were trying to win it...
  13. Liverpool vs Manchester United

    That would be nice
  14. Liverpool vs Manchester United

    Change it to 343 and hoof it from the back ffs. Do we do anything at Carrington?
  15. Liverpool vs Manchester United

    Yes, it's a foul. Put any player in DDG place and you get a foul