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  1. Phil Jones Future

    It just showed the abuse really gets to him in my view. I think it was an over reaction for sure but to some real bad constant years long derision. I feel for the guy. I think he trains and has the attitude of a top pro. His body has let him down.
  2. Television Norm MacDonald Has Died Aged 61

    god fecking damn im sad over this. RIP Norm you legend
  3. RAWK goes into Meltdown 21/22 Edition

    Varane didn't play against leeds and we conceded one you have to do better.
  4. Ronaldo will score from a free kick this Saturday

    the funny thing is if he ditched his silly technique of knuckle pucking it and actually placed it he'd score far more. a lot of his goals from FKs are where he ditches his "trademark" strike. he basically only ever scored doing that against portsmouth and fulham.
  5. Belfast Rugby Players Rape Trial

    Yea its very important to libel a guy on Twitter who wasn't convicted of anything because politics fecking idiots
  6. Racism in European Football

    so was the glik walker thing racism cause I'm seeing a lot of coverage suggesting it was
  7. Phil Jones | 2021/22 Performances

    Would you like to be him? I would from financial perspective but probably only that I'm sure he's gotten a huge amount of shit the last few years that'd make most players blush
  8. Television Succession | Season 3 starts on Oct 17th

    The part with Tom had me crying
  9. Television Ted Lasso (Apple TV Football Comedy)

    I Liked the show in the first season but this character has been so hammed up and bad this season. Like the rest of them really
  10. Juventuz goes into meltdown

    Presume it's about Ron smashing in a pen for 3-1 after Juve had battled back to 3-3 on aggregate at the bernabeu
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  13. Graeme Sourness

    he didn't fail miserably he was a pretty good manager in his day. just the wrong choice for liverpool and newcastle
  14. Premier League Gameweek 2

    He always seemed likeable enough to me despite the shit football. Why's he a slithering reptile?