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  • You think they would have spent all that money on Bellingham, a teenager who probably won't help them a lot short term, if they were so desperately broke?
  • Did Q say that?
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    Leverkusen aren't a cup winning team, they are defensively suspect and Bosz is set on playing brave football. Conte will have a field day.
  • You think a 15 year old will be Sancho's replacement? He wouldn't even be legally allowed to play until his next birthday ;) That kind of low risk high reward transfer probably runs independently of of the whole Sancho story.
  • The point of the August 10th deadline is not that Sancho is out of reach, it's that this is the phase where the preparation shifts from fitness to team building and tactical ideas. Doing that with a player as the centerpiece who won't actually...
  • Did Fjortoft just go from 'Hey guys, I called my special insider he told me... ' to 'Hey guys I listened to that podcast... ' I kind of like him as a pundit, because he's as enthusiastic as a coke head and sometimes offers an outside perspective...
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    Bayern have the fourth highest turnover and the fifth highest wage bill in Europe. I know you want to ignore all that and focus solely and transfer spending, conveniently ignoring that Bayern leverage their domestic dominance into getting a nice...
  • The main thing I take from that SZ article is that Dortmund's officials have made it significantly harder for themselves to compromise on the fee or to sell after their deadline. The claims in that piece have been consistently reported in the...
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    WhY dOeSn'T DoRtMuNd JuSt Do WhaT BaYerN dOEs, DaDDy? OtHeR GeRmAn CLuBs JuSt AreN't TryIng As HaRd aS BaYeRn, SoN! A big hand for the brave Bavarian underdogs please.
  • It's not like Dortmund can come knocking at some clubs door and tell them that they randomly want to buy their highly rated attacking midfielder that's clearly out of their current Covid budget, but it's TOTALLY UNRELATED to Sancho - "dude trust me".
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    The HBO interview is proper Frost/Nixon stuff, nailed on to be made into a movie in a couple of years. on comedy central
  • He's not even hiding that he's copying from Falk. Most of Romano's claims are preceded by Bild tweets as well.
  • I mean as far as I know the 10th August deadline has only been called via the press, officials have not hard comitted to it by drawing that line themselves, but the date wasn't chosen arbitrarily, it represents the point when their pre season...
  • Odds are Fjortoft and Romano are both just copying from Bild, making one source look like three.
  • Looks like we might see about that 10th of August deadline after all.