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  1. Books The Wheel of Time

    I do not think that the story will translate well into TV.
  2. Transfer Tweets - 2019/20 | Check the OP for blacklisted sources before posting

    How much we will have to pay them?
  3. Rate our current Transfer window

    I refuse to rate now. Can only judge after seeing how the new signings perform. If it turns out that both AWB and Maguire become decent players for us then I will deem this a very good transfer window. The fact the we need more players is a result of several years of abject failures in the...
  4. Television Game of Thrones (TV) • The watch has ended

    The main plotlines in the books will be like in the show, but the books (if ever finished) will do a much better work at making the story plausible. Here is one example, Jon Snow is clearly Azor Azahi. And indeed he saves the world by killing the woman he loves. That fits the prophecy, except...
  5. Books So what will G.R.R. Martin do differently? [GoT] [ASoIaF] [spoilers]

    My guess is that in the books Jaime will kill Cersei when she threatens to burn Kings Landing when it looks like they are going to lose. Can see how he then leads Dany to a situation where she burns the city as punishment for something.
  6. Expectations under Ole: 2019/20

    Play better football. Meaning more movement, teamwork, and workrate. I will be OK if we show some signs that we have an idea what we are doing as a team, even if we miss the top four again. (Honestly, I will probably complain if we miss the top four next season, but this is what I want to see.)
  7. Will Ole be a success? Poll

    I am not sure. But I do think that people saying that Jose could have done it, or imagining that we buy this or that player, are way off the mark. What we need is a culture change. The expetation from everyone in the club should be raised. That should include everything. How many of our players...
  8. Summer 2019 - What’s Acceptable?

    Three signings that clearly improve the team and a more flowing brand of football. I would go for CM, right winger, and perhaps RB. I do not expect us to challange for the league yet.
  9. How will you deal with it when Pool win the league?

    It's the fake news era. I will simply deny that it ever happened.
  10. When will Mourinho be sacked? The Predictions Thread.

    Missed by a day. Should have known that even our directors will be slow.
  11. Average Positions

    I think that for our three CM's the average position may not give enough information, and one needs more stats before condluding anything. If our three CM's constantly change places their average may appear central even if they are deneclty spaced. (As long as the trio are mostly arranged around...
  12. Fortifying in January, one position to strengthen: what would you go for?

    I would look for a central midfielder. Should be a good passer and also mobile.