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    Yeah, was never going to win based on timings. My youth is so much stronger now, and I have a better view at who could actually make it.
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    Gillingham Prem review. I have a lot of youth and doubt all this will happen. Pope was called before predictions. Nick Pope (28/88) +1 to 89 Zak Steffen (25/85) +2 to 87 Rob Holding (25/86) +2 to 88 Wilfried Zaha (28/90) no change Demerai Gray (24/87) no change Rhys Williams (19/73) +5 to 78...
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    This made me chuckle
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    Explains why my other league saw a few bids on him.
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    Nice one Spontaneous, love to see how high Barnsley are Gillingham slowly climbing, will be chasing mid table I hope in the future. Don't worry TS that will be me....if I even get through the playoffs. You know how funky results against unmanaged teams can be sometimes.
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    Random question I'm in another league....what is the rough timing for a transfer to be accepted from an external club?
  8. Ole Gunnar Solskjær | 2020/21 Discussion

    It is not a given that Rashford would have always got to this point. Management of people is key as well. The talent Ravel Morrison had is one example of where attitude and management is needed. Alli is another that needs constant molly coddling. The manager always has a part in progression...
  9. Ole Gunnar Solskjær | 2020/21 Discussion

    Well said and so true. I echo this, was even trying to work out if I could.
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    Gillingham Bundesliga player changes THE RESULTS John Brooks (27/88) +1 to 89 = NO CHANGE Daley Sinkgraven (25/85) +2 to 87 = +2 TO 87 Leonardo Bittencourt (27/87) no change = NO CHANGE Josh Sargent (20/83) +2 to 85 - actual Liam Morisson (17/67) +3 to 70 = NO CHANGE Lennard Maloney (21/70) +5...
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    Yeah would be good to barnsley Barnsley though, but fingers crossed for us both in Div 1 before we meet.
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    Yeah, am very impressed with how he has changed Everton. I guess I am a build from scratch player. Cannot wait for next season if I get through the playoffs. Reverting tactics to the good old Barnsley tactics. :)
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    That is where I could not handle Everton. I hold onto players too much and expect a lot more for TAA. Alas, Gillingham will be in div 1 soon so you big guns can expect really annoying matches again. :)
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    So this dropped into my email. Uses block chain and sounds similar to Football Index in some respects, from the very brief information I can see so far. Looks like it could be real money trading, but also could not be. Only on PC so as a sole phone/tablet user I am not the best target. "Hi...