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    Worth noting here that the Newcastle fans’ messiah, Benitez, managed exactly the same points total as Brucey in his two premier league seasons, scoring less goals. He also didn’t have the injury/illness issues and the “fans” abusing him any...
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    Glad Brucey will get a good payday out of this. He’s done a good job up there and the abuse he has suffered from Newcastle fans has been downright shocking. Hope he can enjoy his retirement if that is the way he chooses to go.
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    Just noticed Watford are 15th. Even by their standards, sacking the manager seems pretty stupid. They surely can’t expect to be doing better than that?
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    Did Merc have to take the engine penalty here as well? Otherwise was it an error to do so? It seemed fairly clear throughout that they had a significant advantage here. Without the penalty, it probably ends with Hamilton 1st and Verstappen 3rd...
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    With hindsight, this was definitely the optimum strategy. It feels they should have been very clear with Lewis earlier that the tyres would definitely not last the whole race. If that was their view, then they were just gambling on slicks...
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    Has anyone got a link to a lap by lap breakdown of splits etc?
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    Need to see the lap by lap but he was 14 seconds clear of Perez and wasn’t losing time when he came in.
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    Except they didn’t tell him that. They instead accidentally gave him the impression that he wasn’t going to lose any places by making the stop (seemingly from his very relaxed initial reaction and then his fury after seeing where he came out).
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    Great drive from Bottas. Lewis fuming at what looks an awful decision by Mercedes.
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    No doctor is that stupid surely? It’s not a 100% protection from COVID. Go and see a different one. I know well over 100 people who have had the vaccine and none have had any negative side effects beyond a couple of days after.
  • Yes, City had spent a fair amount before the takeover and finished 9th and 10th the two seasons before. Definitely a better platform to launch a spending spree. There is a possibility that this season could still go badly wrong for Newcastle. A...
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    Just gets a bit tiring doesn’t it? Choose the last 20 matches which include a loss in an away leg of a tie where we won 6-2 in the first leg, two losses when we had to play 3 matches in five days in circumstances where we were more or less...
  • I’d say we got lucky against Wolves and were relatively unlucky against Southampton and Villa (both goals against us should have been ruled out). Leeds, West Ham and Newcastle we comprehensively outplayed and Everton we were well on top and...
  • That seems a little pessimistic. I think we’ll get 12 points (3 wins, 3 draws, 1 loss) in the league so on around 26 points at the end of this run. I don’t think we’ll lose to Villarreal away, so think we’ll end the CL group on 11 points.
  • Yeah, we’ve had two years of the same whining, accompanied by two years where we’ve matched or exceeded realistic expectations in the league, have been fun to watch and have been building a solid squad. If Ole finishes 3rd/4th this season with...