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  1. Would football be more enjoyable without commentators?

    No, not sure how could you survive 2 hours watching a game from some stadium with dead atmosphere. I personally don't like BT commentators and always watch NBC as I quite like the commentators they got there.
  2. Post match vs Chelsea

    Key point here is "last year".
  3. Bruno Fernandes | 2020 Performances

    Not sure I agree. His job is to create and he doesn't just do the easy passes because of fear he can lose the ball. He tries a lot of risky passes and of course it won't always be successful. All top attacking players lose the ball a lot in these positions but they have the quality to make 2-3...
  4. Post match vs Chelsea

    You didn't watch the game or you are a relative of Taylor.
  5. Eric Bailly | 2019/20 Performances

    Typical Bailly performance. Some good last ditch tackles, some brainfart moments giving the ball away and losing your man and some decent defending. Should be sold in the summer.
  6. Ole Gunnar Solskjær | Permanent manager

    We have a decent squad, when we finally hire a good manager we will be a joy to watch.
  7. Bruno Fernandes | 2020 Performances

    For all the talk about his bad passing and him losing the ball a lot, he is nothing like that so far. Looks great so far.
  8. Post match vs Chelsea

    This was a perfect match to sum up the current state of the PL. Quite terrible quality from both sides accompanied by some shambolic refereeing and VAR. Anyway, happy with 3 points.
  9. Ole Gunnar Solskjær | Permanent manager

    We are not finishing 5th, Ole is that useless. If I had to bet, I would say 10th.
  10. Would you take Pep Guardiola as our next manager?

    Obvious WUM is obvious.
  11. What would make you change your opinion on Ole

    Nothing. We had enough time to see how out of his depth he is here. 5-10 wins in a row wouldn’t change that, just paper over the cracks. Must be sacked asap.
  12. Managerial Turnover

    Our fans are stupid that’s why.
  13. Do pundits, media and fans need to let the FA Cup go a bit?

    I like the FA cup. Pundits and commentators of course overhype it constantly talking about how it’s full of surprising results and shocks, lower league clubs knocking out the big teams but in reality it very rarely happens. Still it’s miles better than the League cup which I couldn’t care less...
  14. Ole Gunnar Solskjær | Permanent manager

    Good post but you shouldn't waste so much time replying to clearly troll users.
  15. Who are the best managers in the world?