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  1. Have you ever been closer to wanting us to lose?

    A bit of a contradiction there? So you actually don't mind if we keep losing because of your personal agenda of weeding those you don't feel worthy to follow a football club.
  2. Norwich City 21/22

    They look weaker than a couple of years ago but they've brought in a very good player in Mathias Normann in midfield. Farke was far too loyal to players who've proven to be too poor to be starters in this league. Grant Hanley and Kenny McLean come to mind. Their sporting director (Stuart...
  3. Norwich City 21/22

    Strange timing. Won their first game today. The Norwich board haven't seen a Premier League win in ages probably didn't know how to react.
  4. Will Ole get another PL job after this?

    No. Doubt he'll get another job at the age of 70 when his stint at United comes to an end. That's when the board finally get over the fact that van Gaal and Mourinho didn't work out and maybe they can improve with a new appointment.
  5. Eric Bailly | 2021/22 Performances

    He posted pictures of his own goal. Never seen that before.
  6. Scott McTominay | 2021/22 Performances

    There was a sequence there in the first half that sums him up. Maguire, Bailly and Lindelöf passed it around trying to move the ball forward with De Bruyne jogging between them. McTominay made sure he was always in a straight line behind De Bruyne so he couldn't possibly receive the ball. He's...
  7. Ole Sack Watch

    Because he is being clapped by the majority of the matchgoing fans. The culture at this club is so out of touch. The former players (his mates who get most of the headlines) refuse to put any blame at the manager's feet, and the matchgoing fans applaud, revelling in the fact that this is their...
  8. Post match vs Manchester City

    Ole got the tactics wrong. 3 attacking minded players in the starting line up. Should learn from that and add Matic instead of Greenwood for more protection for the inept midfield/defense.
  9. Have you ever been closer to wanting us to lose?

    Supporting a football club is a personal thing. I don't get how some supporters can act as though others aren't worthy of supporting the same club. With 3 young kids, a fulltime job as well as studying for a degree at university my support for United has changed a bit. I still follow them...
  10. Tottenham Hotspur vs Manchester United

    He's going into the bout of his managerial career and goes into the fetal position. 8 defensive players, so much talent and investment that is left on the bench. Even if we scrape a win here this is nothing of a direction for this squad.
  11. Tottenham Hotspur vs Manchester United

    Two fullbacks in the wingback positions. Two defensive midfielders. Ole isn't exactly going out swinging.
  12. The McFred midfield duo

    Keita has been unmarked this whole half. They get very easily bypassed. This is no midfield. Other midfielders have some obvious pros even though they have their weaknesses. These two are average/poor in most aspects of the game.
  13. Premier League Gameweek 9

    Chelsea grab the all important sixth goal to kill the game off.
  14. We are an awfully coached team

    It's so basic. No pressing, no style in attack. It's like when I'm playing Championship Manager 1997, just pick the team, spend heavily and press play. Football has moved on from DNA charlatans like this, he isn't qualified for this job. You need more than some stories on how this club is...
  15. Ole Gunnar Solskjær | 2021/22 Discussion

    We cannot press as a team, we don't play in any particular style, there is no urgency from the players. It's just as if there isn't a manager at this club. I don't see him going anytime soon though.