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  1. Bundesliga Gameweek 26 | #Footback keep this thread football only (Covid free zone)

    I'd rather they didn't have the commentory and increased the volume pitchside. Id rather listen to the players, even though I don't speak a word of German
  2. Could they void the PL due to the Coronavirus? | Suspended until further notice.

    I'll have two of whatever the hell Gordon is smoking please.
  3. Happy Slip Day

    I saw an interview of him where he was talking about the slip and how much it still affects him now and will probably affect him for the rest of his life. I must admit I did feel a tad sorry for him. Then I saw your post and remembered that huddle moment and any sympathy I had quickly vanished...
  4. How talented was Theo Walcott?

    He was quick, with a bit of trickery and some decent finishing. However - 1) Not good enough to be an out and out winger - poor crossing 2) Not good enough to be a striker - didnt have the movement and strikers instinct.
  5. Maddison vs. Grealish -- Who would you rather have?

    Grelish no doubt. Has better calves
  6. Gary Nev on Ole's first day at United

    Fans more often than not haven an emotional connection with players, certainly more in the past than now. Its more about special moments they associate with players. Take cantona for example, not once did he score more than 20 league goals for us (nor in fact during his entire playing career)...
  7. How good is Pato?

    He started well, but then faded so fast into obscurity. File under Rodrigo Possebon.
  8. RVP

    I met him at an industry conference last September in amsterdam. He was quite busy but still took the time to shake my hand and even pose in a selfie with me. Top lad.
  9. Gary Nev on Ole's first day at United

    Christ on a bike we really were spoilt under Fergie weren't we :drool:
  10. How good was Ivan Cordoba?

    Aww. There were quite a few short defenders in the 90's/early 00's who were excellent. Cordoba, puyol, cannavaro, baresi, ayala.
  11. Liverpool - Premier League champions 19/20 Season*

    What's rawks reaction to this?
  12. Denis Irwin

    Was that the game ince scored for pool and celebrated like a lunatic Infront of the kop?
  13. Denis Irwin

    My mates and I were discussing this a few weeks back, Irwin or evra at left back. I said Irwin, not even a contest!
  14. MotD: Top 10 goalscorers of Premier League era

    Surprised van persie isn;t on that list. Shearer is close but for me it has to be Henry at the top! He was just devastating during the early 2000's