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  1. Phil Jones | 2022/23 Performances

    Played a couple of times at the end of last season and was excellent.
  2. The player(s) that are the hill you are prepared to die on?

    Not letting Nick Powell develop into the next Paul Scholes was a mistake. ...and Phil Jones when fit is as good as the best of them.
  3. Manchester United vs Liverpool

    Probably just gamesmanship at this stage.
  4. Manchester United vs Liverpool

    Did I hear a few boos for Ronaldo?
  5. Manchester United vs Liverpool

    Who was it jinxed Salah about 20 minutes ago?
  6. Manchester United vs Liverpool

    Looked a bit like United of old at times. Wide players dropping back and SAF style counter attacks in numbers.
  7. Manchester United vs Liverpool

    Impressed with Luis Diaz there TBF :lol:
  8. Manchester United vs Liverpool

    Rashford on one now. Can see him scoring again.
  9. Manchester United vs Liverpool

    Good start to the half, dropped off a bit but Liverpool were feisty and up for it after conceding. Bruno's near own goal would have been hilarious. If Martinez hadn't been there, Bruno out of nowhere would literally have buried that in his own net like a center forward.
  10. Protest planned ahead of the Liverpool game

    I'm not sure the "Joel Glazer's gonna die" chant is going to do the protestors PR image much good
  11. Cristiano Ronaldo (I stay)

    Bit harsh.
  12. The RedCafe Boxing Thread

    No, I just meant when he was back in his corner. Looked for a moment like he was struggling for breath. He's fine.
  13. The RedCafe Boxing Thread

    AJ looking shattered already :nervous:
  14. The RedCafe Boxing Thread

    Usyk's less famous wife
  15. The RedCafe Boxing Thread

    X to doubt. Hope he does though