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  1. Van De Beek is not a Centre Midfielder

    Starting a thread with a laughey smiley should be immediate ban territory.
  2. NFL 2021

    Nice way to win it.
  3. NFL 2021

    Baker having one.
  4. NFL 2021

    Another impressive last minute drive for Cousins.
  5. NFL 2021

    The Washington Wildebeests
  6. NFL 2021

    What would you suggest?
  7. NFL 2021

    Constantly trying daft stuff now. Love to see it.
  8. Paul Pogba | "Likes Torino"

    You, as a Manchester United fan, have always felt Paul Pogba should go to City?
  9. NFL 2021

  10. NFL 2021

    He thought it was good :lol:
  11. NFL 2021

    Lions :lol:
  12. NFL 2021

    Packers straight back into FG range :lol:
  13. Westminster Politics

    Who even are these aliens. it’s all so bizarrely cultish.
  14. United Hour podcast - United Ruining Weekends in 2021 (Everton draw)

    Cheers bro! I felt a lot better afterward :wenger:
  15. NFL 2021

    Carrying boys.