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  1. Fantasy Premier League 20/21

    Yeah I might do Salah to Auba and bring Cresswell back who is a strong addition regardless, but the rest are really dire. Can’t see too many hauling that game week on a FH, WC or whatever else.
  2. Fantasy Premier League 20/21

    Definitely makes sense with the WC week after. I’ve splurged my chips this year so I really don’t want to bring in players I’m gonna be stuck with for 3/4 GWs after and likely drop some value.
  3. Fantasy Premier League 20/21

    Anyone without WC or FH making any plans for GW29? I think I’ll have about 6 playing atm, could sub in 2/3 more over the next few weeks and maybe take hits for 11 but the fixtures are so wank, and the teams not ones I want long term I’m thinking of just tanking the week.
  4. Commentary and general gaffs.

    :lol: Priceless. Happens to the best of them mate!
  5. Fantasy Premier League 20/21

    They play again on Wednesday which is a fair break I suppose. Not too sure if there’s a protocol around that or not.
  6. Fantasy Premier League 20/21

    I just couldn’t wait till full time. Apolgies Ben, speedy recovery Ts&Ps
  7. Fantasy Premier League 20/21

    Lowton Mee and Salah all good so far. Have foden Sterling and Stones who have all made it through round 1 of Pep Roulette too.
  8. NFL 2020

    It’s genuinely disgraceful what Mahomes is having to do to try and make a play. :lol:
  9. NFL 2020

    Lady Gaga and Prince still the gold standards for me.
  10. NFL 2020

    All the violins and this red blazer marchathon winning me over.
  11. NFL 2020

  12. NFL 2020

  13. NFL 2020

    Looks short, 3 huge plays if so.
  14. NFL 2020

    :lol: Iconic, not erotic.
  15. NFL 2020

    Name a better duo.