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    Aye, as more newgens are generated, I imagine.
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    Had a bastard of a time with a 5* Frosmoth raid, prick would set up hail with Max Hailstorm, then one shot all three AI with a perfect accuracy Blizzard, and finish up every round with Quiver Dance. Still, eventually got it, and a bit of running around breeding while watching the NFL and I have...
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    Yup, the hidden abilities is the best part since you can IV train yourself, I got a protean Froakie on wondertrade once. :drool:
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    To be fair, wonder trade has always been that way, you either chuck a box of junk and hope for 2-3 good mons back, or do the lords work and send out boxes of rare stuff you've been breeding for iv's and the like. Also, I don't realise, but the gift pikachu for having let's go is a perfect iv...
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    Some AI prick coming in with a level 60-70 Maractus, 5* boy has his layer of shields up and the Maractus is trying feckin' Solar Beam. Just hit it... So far been able to do most 5* one with the AI mind, though came up a cropper against a Flygon.
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    Definitely seen one of them somewhere. That's what I thought it was, give or take.
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    Thought it was way more than that, might have to get it too.
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    Which one, I've seen stuff like Gengar and Steelix roaming the wild area, and I believe all are catchable in Max Raids, at least.
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    I've been considering it, though I think I'd find the nation limitations an issue.
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    It's pretty much the only thing I play now, beyond the odd crack at FM on PC.
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    Just reached the postgame/battle tower, you can buy bottle caps for 25bp. Literally across the screen from the hyper trainer, they're going all in on helping out the competitive scene, it seems. Also, unrelated, but Sirfetch'd is soooooo bloody broken! STAB fighting version of Giga Impact off...
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    Working it out myself, well, with Serebii's calculator, think I've only seen the one bottle cap, but I've only just got to the point where I can take on 4 and 5 star Max Raids. I'd kill for a 6IV Ditto! :drool: Ended up with a 2 IV Duraludon, but with the rest of them 25+, more than happy...
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    It's not open world, there's just one open area you can run around freely, kind od like the safari park.
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    About a 3rd of a box into breeding Duraludon, trying to get one with decent IV's, doing it before the endgame, yeesh, dumb I know but the wild one I found had gash Sp-A, can't be having that. Best so far is a 3 IV(hp, att, sp-d) with a high sp-a, but it has like 2 for speed. Will get there
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    I found the start a bit slow, but after that it's golden. They seem to chuck a lot of pokemon at you very quickly too, if you explore the wild area, though I've been focusing on new pokemon.