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    He's never going to listen to other opinions, as far as these protests go. Despite being miles away in his reasoning, he'll just keep banging the same broken drum. That's what people like him do.
  • They're more limited than Pogba and their workrate is mostly better but much of that is them chasing shadows. At least Pogba has the ability to create something out of nothing. I've lost track of the amount of time they've spent desperately...
  • I could handle playing them both if they made us defensively solid but they're fecking useless at shielding the back 4, let alone helping us play progressive football. CM is the area we need to improve more than any other position.
  • We were never going to start Greenwood twice in two days though.
  • Played like he was on crack.
  • Anyone who doubts his quality just needs to think long and hard about the defensive performance they've just seen.
  • The pair of them combined almost make one good midfielder.
  • There are plenty of candidates but Rashford has been comfortably worse. Absolutely nothing has come off for him so far.
  • They're showing why we need an actual DM and not 2 players who take up vaguely defensive positions and then overcommit, leaving the back 4 exposed. They do it over and over again.
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    That was awful. Fred and McT give no protection to our back 4 and the attackers have been largely anonymous. Rashford in particular has been utterly woeful. On the plus side, they surely can't be that bad in the 2nd half?!
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    Who knows. The main reasons are probably: lower profile game, earlier KO time, widespread reports of a massive police presence and, well, it's not Liverpool. Also, what @rimaldo said. The squad players went out of their way to show how badly the...
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    No, nothing happened on Tuesday.
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    I've been worried that the momentum would quickly fizzle out again, so it's pleasing to see a decent crowd there tonight. The Glazers need to know that fans won't be pacified by yet more false promises.
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    We've definitely trimmed the deadwood but assuming we make 2 quality signings this summer, that just puts 2 current regular first teamers on the bench more, so will it really lead to more squad space for the youngsters? It's all conjecture but...
  • Same, been looking forward to this for a while. I've never read the novel but I've heard it's excellent and the reviews for the series have been really strong.