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  1. NFL 2021

    It's the No Fun League after all. Unless you're throwing the ball into your opponent's face, the shit talking and taunting will have a role to play. Completely disrespecting the officials or your opponent is different. But these guys talk trash all throughout the game and are hypercompetitive...
  2. Premier League game week 5

    Do Spurs not know who is in goal for Chelsea? He already had one minor fumble earlier.
  3. Premier League game week 5

    Pick that out...great first touch with his head to nod it onto his path without breaking stride, then laces. 3-0 Villa.
  4. Premier League game week 5

    Everton all over place now after 3 minutes of chaos. Was a poor match before the goal but Everton rocking at the back now.
  5. NFL 2021

    I have Sterling Shepard as a reserve WR on my fantasy team and I thought this comment summed up some of the NY Giants frustration a few folks have shared here... "Operating as the Giants' WR1 to begin the year, Shepard will enter Week 3 having turned 19 targets into 16/207/1 in one five-day...
  6. US Politics

    But there's a clear difference between a wealthy and well off doctor in NYC compared to the hedge fund managers who literally sit on their ass, take a shit, piss, eat, and they're making money somewhere hand over fist while losing money on days, but gaining it all back by simply doing nothing...
  7. Champions League Group F

    Fred hasn't had a good start to the season, except for yesterday, which I thought he did himself well. McTominay and Fred function the best together, even if they are lacking that ability to pass at an above average capacity. The balance you speak of just isn't in the team at the moment for...
  8. Champions League Group F

    VDB had not started any meaningful game and he's not suited to play an orthodox central midfield position. He never played that at Ajax. The lack of attacking option on the bench was because of injury and lack of squad depth, something he and the coaching staff knew all along and that was part...
  9. Champions League Group F

    Fred was injured and couldn't start, thus Pogba had to play CM and not on the left.
  10. Champions League Group F

    It's a problem because they don't go 3 central midfielders who can play as a unit or if they play with only two central midfielders in front of two center backs, they will have at least one clear weakness as a duo that holds them back.
  11. Team Pre-Season Meal

    I don't believe United became unfit because they had too many brownies the night before a match. That's called fatigue and that is much more real than top PL sides having a poor diet and not performing week in, week out. There are professional athletes who are on a varying spectrum. Ronaldo is...
  12. Cristiano Ronaldo Jr.

    Shame about his hair then...
  13. Ole Gunnar Solskjær | 2021/22 Discussion

    The players have to be good enough to win titles as well. And we've all seen Chelsea strengthen within the past two years and fill a massive void with a top goal scorer. City have the best quality depth and player continuity. Liverpool have a top starting XI and player continuity, and they are...
  14. Premier League Gameweek 4

    Pickford saved by an offside player impeding his goal action...but Pickford had a dodgy moment typical of him.
  15. Premier League Gameweek 4

    Townsend is a Spurs Bale re-gen tonight. Wow.