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  1. Top 3 greatest team performances in a UCL final ever in my opinion!

    Barca 2011' is definitely up there.. :( I remember after about 30mins becoming so disinterested in the pub. Even when Rooney scored, we couldn't even get near the ball never mind create any chances. It became obvious quickly it was going to be a very hard watch
  2. Would you sell Pogba to finance a deal for Sancho?

    yes. as good as pogba can be when he wants to be, and how much i would love to see him get playing beside Bruno.... As long as his agent is pulling the strings, i'd get rid. I just wouldnt be bothered with the club and dressing room being disrupted every season when the same old shite pops...
  3. Paul Pogba | Back in full training

    He'll be committed until he has another casual day on the pitch, and Ole drops him. We will see what he's made of then. Seems strange even writing that as we should know by now after 3 years what hes made of. Under Jose you never really got an understanding of their commitment under him...
  4. Neymar and PSG mocking Haaland (or his celebration)

    Cant stand this pr*ck. His heads right up his own hole. Such an unlikeable person. Hope to see him crying on tv again to a last min goal that goes in off his face
  5. Paul Pogba | Back in full training

    Agree with this. I seem to remember Pog being anonymous in the first few games he played then came alive at the end. i think they may still well have won it without him :nervous:
  6. Paul Pogba | Back in full training

    United should put their foot down here, the only way i would even consider letting him stay at this point is if he gets rid of Riaola. Simple as. Im not buying it though that all of a sudden he's changed his mind after all the talk, and united's fortunes seemingly turning around. This is just...
  7. Paul Pogba | Back in full training

    Personally ive not been impressed with his time here, so wont be too bothered when he's gone. It seems the rest of the team have moved on without him in the plans anyway. Ive seen glimpses of a top top player every 4/5 games, but generally when we have really needed him, hes been largely...
  8. Liverpool are going to break Arsenal's 49 game unbeaten run | HAHAHAHAHAHA LIVERPOOL BASTARDS | Specialists in Failure

    :lol: :lol: someone needs to get that wee lad more pen and paper
  9. Liverpool are going to break Arsenal's 49 game unbeaten run | HAHAHAHAHAHA LIVERPOOL BASTARDS | Specialists in Failure

    Klopp seemingly not too bothered about the cups this year is a bit strange considering how far ahead they are in the PL. Resting players in the odd PL game wont make a difference for them. If i was a liverpool fan id be raging they didnt focus on just getting through the round. I mean, 3 more...
  10. New Kits 2019-20

    Looks like a GAA shirt. Seen the new Boca Juniors one too, looks like they are lining out for county tipperary
  11. Celtic and Rangers

    God i miss the days where teams dreaded getting Celtic (and to a lesser extent, Rangers) in the CL group stages. As a kid i loved watching that celtic side with Larsson/ Sutton/Hartson/ Moracvik etc.. Back in the early 2000s or so they were proper dangerous teams who could any day take out...
  12. Post match vs Club Brugge

    With the amount of games we have happening it was good to get some rotation and give some other lads a run out without completely ballsing it up. On the other hand this was a perfect example of how bad we are, and have been, in midfield areas. It wasn't until Fred and Bruno came one we looked...
  13. Mino Raiola talksport interview

    In my opinion, an agent that feels to ring Talksport to rant about a club his client works for, doesnt sound all that much like a man who has his sh*t together. Seems like a slightly desperate bid to try and keep things a little bit steady whilst putting his client out there in the window...
  14. Let's not buy Raiola players again - ever

    He on talksport now running his mouth again.. "I havn't offended manchetser United or the fans in any way" :houllier: