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  1. Pogba and Fernandes

    Going back to the OP's question, of how could we line up right now if Pogba was fit, i think it would be something like this (i realise that a 3 at the back is unpopular, but clearly OGS is liking it) DDG LIND/BAILLY - MAGUIRE - SHAW MCT -...
  2. Anthony Martial | 2019/20 Performances

    100% this. When i watched the Aston Villa game, we were in attack, dominating possession, and i just watch Martial - just to see what he did off the ball. What's the answer 9 times out of 10. NOTHING. He stood there, no movement, not creating an option, giving his midfielders (who need all the...
  3. Aaron Wan-Bissaka | 2019/20 Performances

    Agree with this A-Man, defensively i think he's been by far our best this season. He's an absolute beast when it comes to tackling. He needs help and coaching when it comes to his decision making when in possession, his passes are either just missing the mark - putting the player receiving the...
  4. Fantasy Premier League 19/20

    afternoon lads, can i get your opinion on this WC attempt Adrian (McGovern) Zinchencko - Digne - TAA (Lundstrum - Hanley) KDB - Mount - Salah - Sterling - Ceballos Haller - Barnes (Greenwood)
  5. Rashford and set pieces...

    100% this. Our set piece plays are the worst in the league. Some of the tallest players going around and we look less likely to score than any Sunday league outfit. Defenders have no issue with giving away free kicks or kicking out for corners - it's actually a chance for them to score on the...
  6. Fantasy Premier League 18/19

    Managed to win the CAF Newbie league. Does that get an qualifying spot in the CAF league for next year :lol: won two of my cash leagues which is great. 7455 OR second highest ever. FPL kept my mind of the dismal season we had. Bring on next season
  7. Transfer Tweets - 2018/19 | Remember if posting foreign language tweets to post in English too

    Ian, not sure how your maths are going, but we're 15 points in front of Everton, and they have three games to play.
  8. Our away fans

    100% this is such a positive song. not a fan of the YSB. This is about Ole the player and Us. Finally you can here the positivity back. No need for a negative reference - even if they are scouse bastards
  9. Post match vs Manchester City

    This stat says absolutely everything we need to say
  10. Rashford on corner kicks, Lukaku on a free kick ?

    Rashford was terrible on the corner kicks. Like others have said, how can a coach/manager keep the same dogcrap deliveries occurring. It just doesn't make sense. Take someone else over there and doa short corner -run around and whip it in. Mind blowing stuff. But to be fair to Marcus, our...
  11. Our options are limited, who next?

    You're 100% right Annihilate Now, there's no direction from the board and Woody knows sweet eFF All about football, philosophies or anything at all with knowing how to run a football department. The mess that we're in now didn't start when Fergie left, it started when Gill left. Until Woody...
  12. Anthony Martial | 2018/19 Performances

    You thought he was tremendous last night? Wow. Just wow. Your expectations of the effort & standards one should aspire to be at when donning a United jersey are far too low.
  13. Luke Shaw | 2018/19 Performances

    Immense performance Luke, well done mate. Hold your head high.
  14. Luke Shaw | 2018/19 Performances

    Was hoping to see some training pics from during the week, but can't seem to find any. Anyone seen Luke training this week?