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  1. The RedCafe Boxing Thread

    Edited my post to provide further context while you replied. In short; not suggesting Floyd was ‘juiced’ like Canelo or others but he was a long way from being truly ‘clean’ too. Like most of them.
  2. The RedCafe Boxing Thread

    Seem to recall Thomas Hauser claiming otherwise around the Pacquiao fight with substantial evidence. He said that Mayweather used excessive IV treatment to dilute the tracing other substances. Also had agreements (at a $$$ cost) with USADA where his positive A samples were wavered and not...
  3. The RedCafe Boxing Thread

  4. DDG - it needs to be said

    He was the best shot stopper in the world for many years and it always masked his deficiencies at failing to command the box and come off his line for crosses. 3 long years have passed where the argument for the former outweighed those weaknesses because he‘s approaching Kepa levels of...
  5. BT Sport

    They get a lot of stick but the Manager Mode function on the iOS app is fantastic. Real time player tracking and tactical overview in a non-obtrusive way. It’s like a football video game but for real life. Wonderful. Their app is 10000x better than anything Sky Go can offer. Sky Go is the worst...
  6. A serious look at Mauricio Pochettino

    To PSG then? As we watch another top manager pass us by.
  7. Gaming Football Manager 2021 (FM21)

    Hand over to a DOF instead?
  8. Gaming Call of Duty: Cold War

    If it wasn’t for nuketown 24/7 I don’t think I’d have played this again.
  9. Gaming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (PC, PS4, Xbox One)

    Anyone had it when they get a load out and the character / game freezes? On PS5. All d-pad buttons work but triggers and sticks don’t in game but do on the mini map. Disconnecting the controller and reconnecting does nothing. It goes back to normal when you die so you can then compete in gulag...
  10. Gaming Call of Duty: Cold War

    Wait, is it not in there already?
  11. Gaming PlayStation 5 (Console) | Controller now in two new colours - Cosmic Red and Midnight Black

    Precautionary stuff advised here:*c4h6z8*_ga*YW1wLWNzZGRRSTA4bWZkNFZOekgwYnotaFJGWm1QVUZOMGdFSm9YX3Y5QmlYNGxfV2ZWQUh4QkdaQXF6UUFqbU1Qckw.
  12. Gaming PlayStation 5 (Console) | Controller now in two new colours - Cosmic Red and Midnight Black

    Arrived. It’s massive. Have set up, opted against PS4 transfer based on bricking reports. Also turned off rather than rest mode for the same reason. Will finally play on it this evening.