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  1. What made you support United?

    Shared a room with my brother who was 5 years older then me. He already had united posters all over our wall, Watched Shef Weds V United at OT in '85 when Big Ron was in charge, mark hughes scored for us and we ended up losing 2-1. Loved them ever since.
  2. Name the striker

    Hopefully it's Haaland (wishful thinking) but knowing us, it will be the cheap skate option of Mandzukic.
  3. Could we get relegated?

    Absolutely this! Supporters who think that this is not a genuine possibility are (for want of a better word) deluded!
  4. Ed Woodward 2019 - Until all Arctic ice melts edition

    We can all piss and moan about the state of the team/club as a whole but what we must not forget is, ole's doing this job with his hands tied behind his back!. Yes we can all critisize Ole's line-up's/selections. Yes we can critisize the team in general. Yes we can critisize the style of...
  5. Pogba Future

    Was just going to post exactly the same thing. Would snatch their hands off for this!
  6. Post match vs Wolverhampton Wanderers

    I Was going wild when i seen that!. Disgraceful
  7. Post match vs Arsenal

    Just about sums my thoughts up. Looked way too lethargic all over the field. A real let down considering where we could potentially end up.
  8. Man Utd set to appoint Director of Football (when hell freezes over)

    Personally i think, if we aim to be one of the best teams (let's face it over the last 5-6 years we've been far from it) then we have to hire the best person for this position. Especially when it comes to searching and acquiring the best talent attainable that suits our playing style. We all...
  9. Would you rather win the Premier League or the Champions League?

    Has to be the CL for me. Yes there's fewer games compared to the PL but to be crowned "the best in Europe" means you've potentially beaten the best team(s) in Europe.
  10. Are high wages why we struggle to sell players?

    Fully agree, couldn't of said it better myself!
  11. Emiliano Sala: Rest In Peace

    Awful news, Just hope that luck is on their side. Probably excited at joining a very competitive league where he could show his skills, only to be cut short before he's even kicked a ball by this tragedy.
  12. Who's next out of the door?

    The players have a lot to prove until the end of the season, No more blaming the manager. If they don't buck their ideas up then they need to be moved on ASAP. FWIW: i was jose out and extremely pleased with the early Christmas present.
  13. Is Lack Of Leadership A Problem Within This Squad?

    Lack of leadership in the squad is part of the problem but not a defining factor. I thought Pogba's return, his past association with the club might spur him on to become a great leader. The grit, desire & tenacity to lead and pull the others by the scruff of the neck and push them on to...
  14. The no signings excuse is sad

    Totally agree with this statement. Can't blame signings, yes signing quality players would help but too many of this team is bang average on huge wages and shouldn't be paid in peanuts.
  15. [Poll Added] Hypothetical: Next manager after Jose Mourinho

    I'd give this combo a go, It can't possibly get any worse then it already is!