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  1. Music What concerts/gigs are you going to?

    Been billie, rhcp, first aid kit last couple of weeks. Was supposed to be at phoebe bridgers tonight but too hungover. got Jimmy eat world and the National lined up!
  2. Amber Heard vs Johnny Depp | Depp wins on all 3 counts

    she’s thicker than pig shit.
  3. Music Glastonbury 2022

    Gutted I’m not there this year. I did see billie the other week in manc. Absolutely incredible, must watch!
  4. Amber Heard vs Johnny Depp | Depp wins on all 3 counts

    Not buying it. Ultimately nobody knows the truth but Heard simply came across as an unconvincing witness - people should watch some of the trial, it’s not a surprise the jury rules in depps favour.
  5. Amber Heard vs Johnny Depp | Depp wins on all 3 counts

    There wasn’t a jury in that case I don’t think.
  6. Amber Heard vs Johnny Depp | Depp wins on all 3 counts

    granted I didn’t watch every minute of the trial, but I’ve watched plenty of ambers testimony and I found her to be completely unconvincing. You don’t have to be a right wing nut job to conclude she was lying - as the jury did in this case.
  7. Europa League / Europa Conference League 2021/22

    beings back memories of the last time they were in the final. Just about made it out of the city centre without being hit by bottles. Scumbags.
  8. Liverpool's inevitable q̶u̶a̶d̶r̶u̶p̶l̶e̶ tr̶i̶p̶l̶e̶ dibble/ The Hala Madrid Thread

    No chance, City will destroy Villa - too much riding on it.
  9. "The dressing room is just a disaster"

    What are you talking about - he's been spot on plenty of times with his assessment of the situation at United. One of the best bits of commentary this season was on BT Sport after we came back to win the CL game before we got beat by Liverpool.
  10. Harry Maguire receives Bomb threat

    Nah, social media is fair game if you're having a pop at some of our players. Bomb threats...different story!!
  11. Does Klopp get too much praise for his trophy count at liverpool

    He’s the best manager currently working. He should and will be compared to the great with what he’s done at Liverpool.
  12. Has political correctness actually gone mad?

    I’m not sure it’s happening on any sort of meaningful scale but genuinely the best way to deal with freaks like that (if they actually exist) would be to just tell them ‘alright I’m a transphobic bigot…now feck off!’
  13. Erik ten Hag - Ajax Manager

    LVG was basically ready for retirement. Moyes despite his decent spell now a mid table manager and mourinho miles past his peak. Basically mediocre managers that weren’t ultimately good enough to turn united around.
  14. Erik ten Hag - Ajax Manager

    The thing is although there has been trouble behind the scenes at united does anyone really believe we’ve wrecked any managers reputation? Moyes LVG Jose Ole Ralf non of those would have a claim to united being the issue in my opinion.
  15. Premier League Gameweek 31+32

    I instinctively seem to want Liverpool to win.