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  1. 2020 US Elections

    Pleasant surprise to hear the news in the morning. Saw the early results last night and Bush was trailing Clay by over 7000 votes at that stage.
  2. 2020 US Elections

    Other locally elected officials spoke at that event as well. Barely anyone knew 10 years ago what was going on with the Scientology cult. The bast majority of people have only become aware whats been going on with Scientology with the stories & documentaries that have been released in the past...
  3. 2020 US Elections

    Tell him to go bet his life savings on Trump winning. Those who are the loudest and convinced something is going to happen are those who never back their words with action.
  4. 2020 US Elections

    Suspect Biden's vetting team were aware of this and it will have been bought up during the interviews. The fact that she is still on the final 3 shortlist means Bass must have done well during the vetting. Its pretty impressive how Bass has support from across the political spectrum. Pelosi has...
  5. 2020 US Elections

    If Warren was black she would have been named the vp nominee weeks ago. Identity politics has kind of forced Biden to pick a black vp nominee.
  6. 2020 US Elections

    All three front runners have some flaws so it will be a bit of a tricky choice for Biden. Harris is deeply distrusted by some in Biden's inner circle and raises concern from many Dems that she just has her eye on 2024. Rice has never been elected to public office. Her son is an outspoken...
  7. 2020 US Elections

    I am not so sure that Biden would want to deal with the baggage that Rice has. Rice's son is a outspoken Trump supporter and was President of Standford Republicans. He could potentially cause all sorts of headaches for Biden's campaign.
  8. 2020 US Elections

    I think the vp pick will either be Harris, Rice or Bass. Bass would be the most appealing choice for progressives if it comes down to those 3 picks.
  9. The Trump Presidency

    Luckily he has no power whatsoever to delay the election. Only congress can delay the election and they would never do it.
  10. The Trump Presidency

    Trump has just called for the election to be delayed :rolleyes:
  11. 2020 US Elections

    Seems to be quite a bit of infighting in Biden's camp regarding Harris and that may cost her the VP slot.
  12. Leicester City vs Manchester United
    Threadmarks: Kick-off

    Here we go
  13. 2020 US Elections

    With just over 100 days left til the election, it seems nailed on that Trump is going to lose. Biden is certainly going to do better than Clinton did with the suburban vote. Biden's margins are going to be much better in the rural areas as well. The only way Trump can win is if Biden suffers a...
  14. NonceUponATimeInEpsteinAndAndyLand

    Anyone who thinks she will be alive then is pretty naive.
  15. The Trump Presidency

    That's a big blow for Trump.