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  1. Manchester City vs Manchester United

    We have to defend flawlessly AND manage to get 1-2 goals on the counter in order to get something from this game. It's difficult but not impossible.
  2. Do you believe Ronaldo is finished as a top level player?

    I think he is, hard to believe but he's not a top player anymore, his on the pitch performance and the inability to find a new club shows that. He can still nick a goal here and there so he might still be useful this season.
  3. Allegri - Osservazione del Sacco

    Well they have a lot of injuries at the moment which certainly doesn't help, but even considering that their squad is mediocre. Ok they bought Chiesa(a very good player, maybe their best), Vlahovic, Bremer, Locatelli, good young talent from the Serie A, but other than that their transfer policy...
  4. Bottom 3 for International Break

    Cantonagotmehere My post didn't age too well it seems. Well I'm happy to have been wrong though.
  5. Best Two-Footed Players Ever

    KDB, Son, Neymar, Dembele, Eriksen
  6. Who will be our Player of the season?

    I hope it's Rashford.
  7. Antony | 2022/23 Performances

    Sorry, but how much for a player that tears teams apart right away ? 300 million ? 400 ?
  8. The Facts You Think to be Undisputedly True in Football Which Has Not Been Talked about Enough?

    Yes it's true and I agree with what you are saying, La Liga teams were favored by the referees and Ballon D'Or electors alike. But we also have to accept that in the last 20 years or so Spanish football was at his best, having 2 of the greatest if not the greatest footballers of all time mostly...
  9. The Facts You Think to be Undisputedly True in Football Which Has Not Been Talked about Enough?

    I bet this has something to do with the pen from last night, right?
  10. Our record against Spanish teams

    Granada when we reached the final with Ole?
  11. Post match vs Real Sociedad

    My take on the game: - The penalty shouldn't be given - Defense was OK - Midfield was too defensive minded with no creativity or movement. Fred was just bad. - Attack was shy and lacked energy. Ronaldo is not fit.
  12. Thomas Tuchel | Gone

    Your way of understanding football is odd. I personally would of chosen Tuchel or Conte over Ole or Rangnick any day of the week. I can't project what would any of them would have done at Utd but I can assume that it would have been a better job. Conte and Tuchel won trophies in major leagues...
  13. Thomas Tuchel | Gone

    Wait what? I would of dreamed of having Tuchel or Conte at Utd last season and even before that. They had success everywhere they went. Let's just leave the Ferguson comparison aside, time has passed, football has changed and we can't live only in the past. Big teams like Bayern, Real or Barca...
  14. Graham Potter | Chelsea Manager (sack watch?)

    Rodgers will be free soon, I say it would be a wise decision to hire him.
  15. Thomas Tuchel | Gone

    That would make more sense but why not leave before the season starts? Why would they sack now one of the best managers. Baffling decision.