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  1. Is Chelsea still considered a sugar daddy club?

    We need CL football to maintain to be a top team. And who doesn't?
  2. Is Chelsea still considered a sugar daddy club?

    That article is just lazy journalism. You can't compare the money he put into the Club, which was most likely related to the stadium development and similar matters, with the money that goes into the transfers, wages, etc.
  3. Premier League Gameweek 12

    The 2nd handball was not a penalty, but you wouldn't bet money against Liverpool getting the other 2 penalty decisions their way, based on what types of penalties they've received up until now.
  4. Get rid of VAR NOW! We want our game back! (...or not, some are happy)

    One of the most blatant handballs with serious repercussions on a title race there can ever be. It's not VAR it is the officials... what a disgrace!
  5. Tammy Abraham - Chelsea Striker

    A goal is a goal, the end! Who is the better player only time will tell, but who is the more useful player? Easy, it is Tammy because he is a natural striker. If Rashford would play for Chelsea, where we would play him? Instead of Pulisic on the wing? Instead of Tammy in the CF role? I don't...
  6. Ole & United vs. Frank & Chelsea: who will have the better season?

    I am a little against signing Sancho, to be honest. I think he would just command a very large salary from the get-go, and he is the same age as the majority of our young players. He is good but he is not absolutely better than the others to be paid twice as much. Our home-grown / English quota...
  7. Ole & United vs. Frank & Chelsea: who will have the better season?

    I think from the get-go Lampard was in a better position to Ole to succeed this season. Ole has to prove now, but the transfer decisions are questionable. You don't know whether to put that down to Ole or the board, so it is very unclear what is happening. I am not sure another manager with the...
  8. Premier League Gameweek 12

    Pulisic has been the best player on the pitch today. Crazy how good he can be, he is just too quick.
  9. Gianluca Rocchi

    I don't want to break the party here, but that handball was intentional. If you look at the replays from behind the defender in slow motion you will see how he at first tries to get his hand near his body and then suddenly extends it back outside. He was coming across to block the shot, but...
  10. CL 19/20 Group Stages: Week 6 (Last Round)

    Because you obviously have seen the replay and the deflection, and the movement of the hand towards the ball, but mentioned only the deflection. I am not sure I'm following you here, he did give a yellow card. It was the right call because it was a scoring opportunity. Imagine a more...
  11. CL 19/20 Group Stages: Week 6 (Last Round)

    That just explains why he changed the movement direction of the hand. He was coming across to block the shot, but because of the small deflection his body was being bypassed, so he extended his arm to block the shot. C'mon, it is there to be seen. Sometimes you need to take it on the chin.
  12. Rank the 10 biggest clubs in the world

    The multiple accounts and other similar issues will always be negligible, each team on that list will have less than 1% of those unless you think it's a substantial percentage, for some particular teams. Regarding Brazil and Turkey, yes I agree, but those are big countries with large...
  13. CL 19/20 Group Stages: Week 6 (Last Round)

    Just go in that video clip posted by Uncle Bob, go to second 0:06 and pause-play frame by frame and you can clearly see his right hand is tight to the body, but with his left hand he moves towards his body and at the last moment (around 0:07-0:08) moves back out to stop the ball. And you need...
  14. CL 19/20 Group Stages: Week 6 (Last Round)

    I remember that incident and he was praised for that. And it seems logical as well, he committed 2 separate offences. And it seems in Italy the referees are quite happy to give out red cards. Just look at the games from last 2 weeks - 9 red cards, it's crazy.
  15. CL 19/20 Group Stages: Week 6 (Last Round)

    WOW. It has been a long time since I've seen such a wild game. 2 reds + penalty seem harsh if that second yellow was for handball, but live I assumed it was for dissent, he was right in referee's face. That was a penalty 100%, the distance the ball travelled was large and he had all the time to...