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  1. Lingard to join West Ham on loan

    These three posts sum up perfectly why Lingard is performing much better for West Ham, than he does for us. There's nothing to suggest that Lingard would replicate his West Ham form if he returned to us. Either cash in with a good price or use as a part ex deal for Rice in the summer.
  2. Post match vs Real Sociedad

    Job done. Regulars rested, fringe and young players got minutes. A good night all round. Happy birthday Ole. Roll on Sunday.
  3. Refs & VAR 2020/2021 Discussion

    Watching European referees officiate matches is a welcome change from the idiots we have in the PL. The Swiss guy last week, the Belgian tonight, both were excellent.
  4. No.1 for next season - De Gea or Henderson?

    Henderson for me. He is brave, commands his area, vocal with his defenders and comes for crosses. De Gea doesn't have those qualities, and his exceptional shot stopping ability is on the wane. Yes, there may be the occasional worldy which De Gea can stop and Henderson can't, but Henderson is...
  5. Cavani, Hit or Miss?

    Hit for me. He wasn't bought as a first choice regular striker, but to improve the squad. He's been excellent when he plays, but of course, it's a concern that he has missed so many matches through injury, quarantine and suspension. Still, he's a massive upgrade on all our other strikers...
  6. Has Martial done enough to be backed as our long-term #9?

    Yes, I was sarcastically repeating the Martial chant at Old Trafford. We've obviously had service out of him, that £50m sum included add ons which he won't achieve and we should recoup some transfer fee, when we sell him, unless we allow him to run down his contract and leave on a free.
  7. Has Martial done enough to be backed as our long-term #9?

    50 million down the drain. Martial for me is a typical Arsenal standard player. Plenty of talent, but absolutely no fight in him. The type who Wenger would have signed and Fergie steered well clear of.
  8. If David Moyes turned United down in 2013, who would've been next on the list?

    De Gea and Rafael as well. The biggest mistakes were appointing Moyes in the first place and then allowing him to sack all the backroom staff. At the time, I wanted any of Guardiola, Mourinho, Klopp or Ancelotti. Definitely not Moyes. Promoting from within, or Queiroz or Solskjaer or Blanc...
  9. Refs & VAR 2020/2021 Discussion

    I think a hand job from a hired lady would be more appropriate for some of the referees. It would confirm what many of us think about them.
  10. Manchester United vs Real Sociedad

  11. Manchester United vs Real Sociedad

    Ronaldo, when he played for us?
  12. Jürgen Klopp Watch | "Man United had more penalties in two years than me in five and a half years"

    Exactly, that's how United won 13 PL titles under Fergie, as opposed to Klopp's one, the same number as Blackburn and Leicester.
  13. Rashford and Martial are a problem

    Rashford is not the problem, but Martial is.
  14. Has Martial done enough to be backed as our long-term #9?

    He needs to go. His continual lack of effort and poor performances are inexcusable for a player on such a high salary. Like De Gea, but much worse, it feels as if the club are playing him, so as to be able to maintain his value, should we try to offload him in the summer. His efforts and...
  15. Refs & VAR 2020/2021 Discussion

    Yes, I agree fully. The VARs should be made up of a separate panel of referees. Why not use recently retired ones, who are too old to pass the fitness tests for on field referees, but have the experience to be the VAR? And if referees were made to be publicly accountable for their decisions that...