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  1. What to do with the kids

    I would think Laird is at least ready to be back up for Wan-Bissaka. Williams didn't feel me up with confidence at all.
  2. What to do with the kids

    After seeing Elanga and Amad have a decent game in our second string last night, I have been asking myself what are going to do with them. They are not ready to start but I think they are ready to start getting decent minutes. Then there is Pellestri, Shoretire and Hannibal. They are all...
  3. Anthony Elanga | 2020/21 Performances

    Ole is going to have have to figure out how to give him minutes here and there. Then there is also Amad and Shoretire then soon there will be Hannibal and Pellestri will return from his loan. We may possibly have to find Amad and pellestri good loans.
  4. Brandon Williams | 2020/21 Performances
    Threadmarks: Man Utd 1:2 Leicester

    He is not good enough at all
  5. Cristiano Ronaldo : The Juventus Chapter

    This. Doesn't matter how many goals you score if you are surrounded by mediocrity. No one can say Harry Kane is finished because he will be playing another season in the Europa League. He can't help it if he is surrounded by mediocrity. How many of us would get excited if we heard that we...
  6. Greenwood's near post finishing

    1st couple of times I thought it was luck but at this point it shows that it's intended. When keepers think they have figured him out they are going to leave the other post wide open.
  7. Big and tall footballer that’s technically great

    Was afraid to mention him because a lot of people didn't notice how good he was on the ball
  8. Big and tall footballer that’s technically great

    Supreme chest technical ability:)
  9. Big and tall footballer that’s technically great

    The 2nd post says ibra, toure and Viera
  10. Top 4 finish two seasons in a row

    Unfortunately it's a hard job convincing some people that we are making steady progress. Top 4 isn't a trophy but it is a sign that we are gaining some consistency at winning league matches. Next step is backing Ole in the summer and truly go for the league title.
  11. Leicester coming apart at the seams...

  12. Willian | Arsenal player

    To be fair to Arsenal fans some of us spent Mourinho's tenure trying open some redcafe members to this guys limitations. For some reason a lot of people thought he was this great winger despite the poor stats. You can't be a winger for a big club and produce 5 goals and 10 assits no more.
  13. Andrea Pirlo - Juventus manager

    He probably would have turned out alright if he didn't go for such a huge job without experience. Zidane, Pep, Ole, Frank and even Arteta worked in some capacity as a coach/manager before being given their top job. This dude woke up and became Juventus manager.
  14. Andrea Pirlo - Juventus manager

    Frank qualified for the ucl last year in the PL. Pirlo is failing in serie a with Ronaldo.