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  1. Marcus Rashford MBE | 2020/21 Performances

    I don’t think I’ve ever been proud of a footballer more than I have of Rashford today.
  2. IPL 2020

    Death, Taxes, Archer nabbing Warner
  3. Uncharted - The Movie

    I read that this is supposed to be a prequel so set before the video games so yeah we are definitely getting Nathan Drake the Origins here.
  4. Top English Clubs in talks to join FIFA European PL to replace UEFA CL | 27th October: Bartomeu says Barcelona have accepted to join it

    I wonder how many times this has been said by so many people throughout the history of the game.
  5. Scholes Appointed Interim Manager at League 2 Salford City

    I think CO92 own 60% of the club (10% each) with Peter Lim owning the rest so they are in effect majority shareholders. Personally it is hypocritical of Neville but then it's not solely his choice. Plus things aren't ever just black and white.
  6. Laurence Fox to launch new UK (gammon) political party

    Here what one of the people he called a pedophile is doing:
  7. Laurence Fox to launch new UK (gammon) political party

    Apparently he now wants to cancel Sainsbury's as he thinks they are racist? What happened to all that freedom of speech guff he is going on about or the whole cancel culture bollocks? David Mitchell just wrote an article about the Reclaim Party and it seems confused at best: It really seems...
  8. IPL 2020

    He's being wasted in this CSK side, although I think he is playing in the role that he would be most useful for, for England.
  9. San Diego Loyal walk off pitch in protest over homophobic slur

    Ref should have used VAR to look up what "Batty Boy" meant and then sent that homophobic player off.
  10. Laurence Fox to launch new UK (gammon) political party

    What were the good points @fergieisold?
  11. IPL 2020

    Should say that was the best innings from the entire the Rajasthan side. Tewatia is a hero nonetheless
  12. IPL 2020

    What a lad Tewatia is, that was one of the best innings I have ever seen
  13. IPL 2020

    Bairstow pretty much cost the Sunrisers there, I know there were other mishaps but that was such a braindead moment with Chahal's last ball. Just found out Buttler has to go through an extended quarantine as he bought his family over which means he misses the RR match tomorrow against CSK. Does...