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  1. Moyes So Far!

    Not a chance will he be sacked. The problem with Moyes is, hes not even picking the right team, which will make fans get on his back. Constantly picking Ashley Young in the starting line up ahead of superior players doesn't help matters. He will be questionned. Ferguson could pick whatever...
  2. Picking stupid teams

    He has picked stupid teams of late, for the formation he played, he picked the right personnel last night, for a change! We lacked the width in midfield so alot of the play was narrow, so we needed Rooney to be on form in that role for it to work, but he wasn't. If we play that midfield of...
  3. Javier Hernandez | 2012/13 Performances

    He looks lively and seems in great form at the moment, problem is I can't see him being a regular starter with RVP and Rooney here.
  4. Robin van Persie | 2012-14 Performances

    That was almost the ideal team for me to see Van Persie in, 2 wingers in Young and Valencia to stretch the play, can't wait to have Rooney further forward behind him, then he'll be even better. Obviously because of Chelskis quality we had to get Rooney playing deeper today
  5. Smashley Young

    Very underrated player. Gets into good positions and makes intelligent runs, glad to see him back
  6. Antonio Valencia... | Will wear #25 shirt from this point onwards by request

    Nani has played like shit this season and appears like he doesn't want to be here. You can never question Valencias attitude even when hes off form, and hes provided another assist.
  7. This current team has huge issues...

    Whenever we come up against good teams we always just sit back, and look to hit them on the counter, was never comfortable against Chelski, even after going 2-0 up, we just seem to invite them onto us. We'd have lost today if they had 11 men. Today showed we really missed Vidic at set pieces...
  8. Phil Jones

    Everytime I see him going forward with the ball, I just keep thinking Rafael would be so much better for us right now
  9. Passion

    Theres was plenty of urgency and passion out there, typified by the kick off when Scholes decided to attack straight away, showed intent. Swansea made it difficult, they keep the ball well, and it does wear the team down knowing we're running out of time to get more goals. Can't fault them...
  10. Smashley Young

    I agree, lets drop our inform players. Lets drop Valencia for Park while we're at it.
  11. Park Ji Sung

    thats even worse than liverpool hes been asked to play central midfield a number of times too, which doesn't help the team
  12. Jonny Evans | 2011/12 Performances

    Rio has been our best defender over the last few months, and even hes had a couple of shockers. Take him out of the team, and Evans would've been more exposed. Evans has improved with his run in the team, but how good he has been has been massively exaggerated, as always with any young player...
  13. Ryan Giggs - 900

    I'd have had Young, Valencia, Welbeck, Hernandez and Berbatov on the pitch before him last night.
  14. Jonny Evans | 2011/12 Performances

    :lol: Oh, you compared it to the Wigan game too? Well, point well made then:wenger: Of course defenders are going to have more of the ball and make more passes against the lesser teams, no shit.