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    Inter are so dumb sometimes. Gervinho seems to score pretty regularly in Serie A, was at Arsenal nearly a decade ago now. :eek: Every time I see Parma get a good result I wonder what ever happened to Santi Alexis or whatever his name was. Used...
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    Of all the old boys they could've/should've got rid of he was probably the last that made sense. All round game declined but he still scored a decent amount last year and with all the crosses flying in at the end he'd have likely poached a...
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  • FootballHQ replied to the thread Diversity of Burnley's squad.
    Dwight McNeil is mixed raced surely? They also had Aaron Lennon for a few seasons. Can count on one hand though the amount of foreign players Dyche has signed in last 5 seasons in prem though so that's a bigger talking point. Icelandic guy...
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    Messi is hating every second of this aswell. Sad end for him unless Barca actually peak for once in CL later stages.
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    Koeman knows he's finished dosen't he, slumped on the touchline. Mad how Barca haven't scored in last 10 minutes, playing a 1-1-8 formation.
  • By Spring of course could mean anything from March 1st to May 31st so being as vague as possible fits into the narrative nicely.
  • That wasn't leaked in the press so that must've been the delay and much needed for another month so that's the only crumb of comfort today.
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    Would still have them as title favourites tbh. After bad second half v Leicester they're not actually been bad at all defensively, clean sheet v Arsenal and today and just one goal conceded v Leeds and West Ham. Guess we'll have to see what...
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    Winter would be even bleaker without any sport on offer. There's enough testing in place now so don't think premier league will be stopped anytime soon unless hospitals start getting overwhelmed but let's hope that scenario dosen't occur.
  • Test and trace needs to be given a massive kick up the backside. That won't solve everything but everyone's known it can be reasonably effective since mid June and they still can't get the system right.
  • Can't understand them not closing Universities. They acted as a super spreader in late September and just seems like a massive waste of time currently with students currently under student flat arrest for 9k + a year. Surely the academic year...
  • Would a months worth of snow be good or bad news at this point. Would stop meaningless travel and keep people inside at least as we see when U.K goes into chaos for a day or two every other year when there's a decent sprinkling across the...
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    Cadiz been a great story so far, 2-0 up at Eibar. Very solid defensively and Negredo is a striker reborn after a few years in obscurity. Got a similar setup to Granada last season so could make a run for the europa spots.
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    Wolves Palace getting loads of love here. :lol: 1-0 Wolves. One of their young signings from the summer scores on his debut.