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  1. Marcus Rashford MBE | 2020/21 Performances

    Is he a decent young player that we should be glad to have, yes. Are we going to ever win anything with Rashford as our starting LW? No (unless he take a massive leap, which he could) He is lethal on the counter, crosses well, very good technically. However he is wasteful with his chances...
  2. Harry Maguire | 2020/21 Performances

    Plan: High Defensive Line Slabhead Brain: I'm slow, but my genius plan is to cheat ahead a little. Wait did Ole say anything about offside trap? Who cares, I get paid to pass the ball. Defending is for noobs.
  3. Your most overrated footballer

    Marcus Rashford. Jesse Lingard.
  4. TFM

    DM was where I thought he could have excelled. Should have just stayed patient and coaching him for that position.
  5. Paul Pogba

    It's obvious that Pogba thrives in a free role in the midfield as a playmaker. But Bruno is undoubtedly our key playmaker. If so, do we need two playmakers in our midfield? 3/6 positions are locked, with Martial (or Cavani) Rashford, and Bruno. We need 2 midfielders to play behind Bruno since...
  6. Fred - £47m well spent

    Mate midfielders need to score occasionally and pass the ball. I'm not talking about Bruno level passing, just the regular kind. Both Fred/Scott lose the ball at a higher rate compared to other top CM/DMs. I think we play our best when Fred/Scott play. But i'm pointing out the flaws in their...
  7. Jack Grealish

    Buy him for the RW in a playmaker role (Beckham 2.0 - even got the hairstyle). Bruno, Grealish vision/passing with Martial/Cavani/Greenwood/Rashford up ahead would be lethal.
  8. Fred - £47m well spent

    Fred & Scott together in the midfield looks far better than Matic/Pogba because they actually are mobile and can win the ball back giving us counter opportunities. However, the downside with both is they struggle in possession to make good passes (especially Scott). Fred has a terrible first...
  9. Ole Gunnar Solskjær | 2020/21 Discussion

    3 years from now we'll look back and regret not hiring Poch, a manager who knows how to develop young players and has proven he can implement the style of football we expect. Good decisions are easy when you have a competent board. Meanwhile we have a fanbase arguing over a manager who...
  10. Manchester is undesirable but Liverpool isn’t?

    Correction we have spent revenue, in fact more than anyone except City. We pay our players more than anyone. Just had unqualified/incompetant people wasting it. Until you replace Woodward & get a decent coach like Poch in, we won't go anywhere. Imagine you had a business & hired your friend to...
  11. Ole has no system that I can see ..... or do I just need better glasses?

    Players just look out of shape. Regardless we have too many overrated English players. Nothing new here, Maguire & Rashford are a joke. Honesty we just need Sancho in for Rashford, AVB back, & Bailly/Smalling in for Maguire.
  12. Would you sack or keep Ole? (Poll reopened)

    If I need to wake up, you need to keep dreaming. Lately in the EPL we've beat a grand total of 1 relegation team. Otherwise we are 2-1 against the top 4, 2 draws against mid side, and a loss to Burnley off the top of my head. Don't be knee jerk fans. Look at data and evaluate. Otherwise you...
  13. Would you sack or keep Ole? (Poll reopened)

    You realize your evidence includes a grand total of 1 EPL team? Try again in a few weeks please
  14. Would you sack or keep Ole? (Poll reopened)

    Let's not go crazy in our judgements when our team is on a good or bad run. Ole has had terrible moments and great moments. But I'd rather have a coach that can consistently get us top 3 or win a title rather than one who beats City 3 times. The issue with Ole has been our struggle to score...
  15. Andreas Pereira vs Jesse Lingard

    Loan Pereira till he performs or sell him. I've always been on the teach Lingard how to play a RB or sell him bandwagon. Mata, Pereira, and Lingard are not the level of players we need at this club.