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  1. Leon Bailey

    He turns like a truck basically. I got the impression that he put on too much muscle in the last 1-2 years and isnt´t nearly as mobile as he used to be when he came in in 2015. We also signed Tapsoba in winter from Guimaraes and he has been superb so far. Will be very interesting to see what...
  2. Kai Havertz

    It´s not that obvious. I believe Bayern ideally want to sign him but their main focus is Sané, that has been made clear since last year and in the current climate I doubt they would pay 2 huge fees in one window. Apart from that, Bayerns front 3 would be Sane, Gnabry and Lewandowski which...
  3. Bundesliga Gameweek 26 | #Footback keep this thread football only (Covid free zone)

    He has been superb so far, just so calm. At the moment he has pushed Tah out of the starting 11.
  4. Bundesliga 19/20

    Fans demanded Volland on the left wing and Alario starting upfront for weeks and Bailey´s injury probably made that constellation against Union possible. A bit like last season when Bellarabi and Bailey were both injured in the last weeks and we won 6 (?) out of the last 7 games to gain the...
  5. Kai Havertz

    You can add Ter Stegen, Can, Rüdiger and Khedira to the list as well. There are more german players nowadays that go abroad. In an interview today Havertz himself stated again, that he has decided to stay at Leverkusen for at least one more season. I don´t unterstand fans from other big clubs...
  6. Kai Havertz

    Hilarious. He hasn´t chosen anything yet. If he performs next season, the whole of Europe will be after him. No chance he´s already "choosing" a club this summer. That´s not how it works. I expect him to join either Barca or Real tbh. Would fit their style of football perfectly and both clubs...
  7. Kai Havertz

    There is no chance for anyone to sign him this summer anyway. Was confirmed multiple times that he stays and probably leaves 2020.
  8. Ballon D’or 2019: who will win it? (Alleged leak: Messi 1, Van Dijk 2, Salah 3).

    Can´t be someone else than Messi. It´s an individual award.
  9. Leon Bailey

    Scored some banging freekicks last season though. But I agree about everything else, he´s got talent but sadly his weaknesses have caught up to him big time. Still think, he can be a star in the future, but nor world class level.
  10. Bundesliga 2018/19

    Well, we haven´t re-invested the €20m we got for the Henrichs transfer to Monaco last summer. €32m is a lot of money for our standards, but I don´t think it´s impossible that we can pay such a sum once without the need of selling somebody else. Baumgartlinger came into the team afer both our...
  11. Bundesliga 2018/19

    The Demirbay Transfer will have nothing to do with a possible Brandt or Havertz departure. He plays a deeper role in midfield and is probably the replacement for Aranguiz who will leave back to Chile in 2020. Brandt might leave this summer if we miss out on the CL again anyway, but the...
  12. Bundesliga 2018/19

    Delightful, delightful football. Wow.
  13. Julian Brandt | Borussia Dortmund player

    His greatest strenghts are his brilliant close ball control and combination plays in tight spaces. The perfect player from midfield to break a deep-lying opposition. As a winger however, he is not fast enough with or without the ball and doesn´t have the ability to beat defenders 1vs1. His...
  14. Julian Brandt | Borussia Dortmund player

    Brandt is NOT a winger, trust me.
  15. Internationals March (Euro Qualifiers + Friendlies)

    There really is nothing special about him, he is just fast which doesn´t help us, when all of our opponents are sitting so deep. His ball control and passing in tight spaces is awful, his finishing isn´t good either (missed two sitters tonight again). Really don´t know why he´s our number one...