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  1. Luke Shaw off to Leicester?

    Sensible pass, as in passing to a player that should get the ball, rather to one that is in a bad position. This can, of course, be influenced by our lack of coaching and passing plan.
  2. Luke Shaw off to Leicester?

    AWB is only worth anything to a team preferring to play "park the bus and counter" type of football. AWB for a team playing relevant football will not be worth anything close to £50m. Shaw is not an elite defender, nor is he close to being anywhere good enough in attack despite having a...
  3. As a fanbase - what are we all unhappy about?

    The fundamental problem is that the goal of this club is not to win, play good football or serve the needs of the fans. The goal of the club is to make money. Studies regarding well-performing businesses over time(think it was among fortune 500 companies over 10-15 years ) have shown that if...
  4. Bruno Fernandes | United and Sporting winding us up with 6 days to go

    Everybody needs to get their money. Noone escape the Portuguese league without Mendes's approval(£££)
  5. Luke Shaw off to Leicester?

    Injuries, can't cross, a little bit on the heavy side, not the best going forward, his passing decisions are not good at all(will improve by playing in a team with some actual coaching on the ball), £150k per week in wages. Lingard was on the NT. Don't see how he has much value in the market...
  6. 6 realistic signings to improve us?

    Is it any way to normalize this graph? I.e. adjust for possession in final third, action zone weighting etc? Some of those positions might be skewed due to the way the team plays, the league that they are in etc.
  7. Would no money spent in January indicate Poch in the summer?

    You buy players with a balanced set of abilities. No major weaknesses in their game. Regardless of who you bring in as a coach, they would be able to perform. Sadly, we buy specialist, suited to one type of football, or only able to perform in specific situations.
  8. Passes into Penalty Area

    Wrote this in the "how to break down teams" thread some time ago: Adjusted for total touches(Only stat that was available) regarding touches and comparing United, City and Liverpool: Unsuccesful touches adjusted: (Unsuccessful touches in total/(total touches/number of games) -->...
  9. Climate Change

    That depends on how you define a leader, but in theory yes. Who is he beholden to? The voters, himself or the general populous? What timeframe? If the leader (politician) is beholden to himself (which is the case with a number of the politicians in many of the largest economic countries: USA...
  10. Tifo Football Podcast

    New video regarding our club. Dependent on your viewpoint, there is some validity to what they are saying.
  11. Climate Change

    If the voters demand a more climate and environmentally friendly policies during the election (not that the GOP voters will, but some might), then Trump will say some generalizable garbage towards protecting/fixing the environment/climate. If he is re-elected he will not give a sh*t given that...
  12. Glazers / Woodward out!

    Hopefully, but... They (the board will allow Woodward and the Club) will sign Bruno and or Cavani this window especially if there is a bad result against Burnley and noise from the fans during the match. When we play like sh*t for the rest of the season and the fans starting to show some...
  13. FA Youth Cup - Norwich vs Manchester United

    Norwich nr.7 got a great touch.
  14. Glazers / Woodward out!

    Reduce the wage bill.
  15. How long will Liverpool's dominance last?

    They will be top 2 for 3/4 more seasons.