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  1. Unpopular opinion - Daniel James is not very good

    Hindsight as in based on more than one season maybe? We paid £200m. So one could already argue the value point. AWB is a great defender, but can a team aiming to fight for EPL and CL titles do so by having a player that is problematic when then the team is in possession? And he is unlikely to...
  2. Teden Mengi | 2019/20 Performances

    Yeah. Leave Fosu-Mensah alone.
  3. Unpopular opinion - Daniel James is not very good

    Pace merchant. Limited footballer. Obvious since his game against City for Swansea. I would go so far to argue that Chong is a better footballer than him. Relatively low cost and risk so not really the biggest issue, but could have gotten much better footballers for 25% of his cost. OGS...
  4. Potential Matic Replacements

    I think that there is a player at his former club in Norway that offers more in regards to playing like Carrick. Berg or something, should know it as it was in the news with their flawless start to their season.
  5. Left full back 2020

    Yes. When fit.
  6. Alex Telles

    Going into next season with Shaw and AWB as our starting fullbacks will be problematic. We will continue to rely on progressing the ball through the middle, and clubs will continue to clog the middle of the pitch with players and force the ball to our fullbacks that will then often make a bad...
  7. Ferran Torres / signed for City

    Sane replacement, as in same pace and ability to dribble at a high speed.
  8. Left full back 2020

    The article is certainly interesting in general, and showcases how data can be used as a sorting "algorithm" for identifying potential targets. Still, if we could find the next Daniel Alves, we would be golden. Best fullback over the last 20 years.
  9. Books Fantasy Reads

    Ait. Will check it out sometime in the future I think. Currently got other books to focus on... Recently read Davis Ashura's A Testament of Steel which is the first book in his new series attempting to emulate some of LOTR and WOT (according to himself)... One of the best first books in a...
  10. Fulham v Brentford, the £160 million match.

    The only reasons I want Fulham up is Craven Cottage and Benrahma being available. Favourite away stadium in the EPL by far. And Benrahma would be a great attacking option that would be a key player for half of the clubs in the EPL.
  11. Left full back 2020

    If we are set on having AWB as our starting right sided fullback for the foreseeable future (a mistake in my eyes), we need a left sided fullback that is excellent on the ball and can cross with some accuracy from deep. Being able to contribute effectively in the build up and progression of the...
  12. Nicolò Zaniolo...

    My only issue with Zaniolo is regarding his best position. He got the physical and defensive abilities to play as a CDM, and the technical abilities to play as a striker or a winger. Personally I think he could go the furthest as a player if he was played as a central midfielder and he improved...
  13. Reddit ITKs v2 | Home of the muppets

    XiSimon seems to be the most trustworthy of the "ITKs". The info from the rest should be processed with a truckload of salt. Not to say that some of the "info" is entertaining.
  14. Reddit ITKs v2 | Home of the muppets

    Clubs getting the mediastory correct...
  15. Times: Finding buyers for the dead wood is Manchester United’s biggest challenge this window

    And Southampton paid £20m for Danny Ings... A transfer price does not reflect how good a player will be at the club, the demand and assumed ability of the player does. At least Joelinton came of two halfdecent seasons for Hoffenheim and he was an asset for his team and actually wanted by a club...