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    If they don't run and make an effort he should sub them even if it's the first ten mins. I remember Jose when he joined Chelsea subbing a player in the first half. That got the message to the rest of the players.
  • I really loved Ando. He gave all during his brief time on the pitch. I have also discovered that he was involved in a lot of our great goals not as the assister but just before that. Who can forget him making faces at the keeper as he is...
  • You are forgetting we should have hired The Pok or Conte brigade.
  • I think they had a couple of suspensions too in the second leg.
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    I don't think it's a fitness issue. Anderson could never play the whole 90 mins and SAF would sub him around the 60 or 70 min mark. But he would give all during the time he was on the pitch. These guys never run even in the first ten minutes...
  • We don't know if he is better than DVB. Lingard has been around for ages while DVB had just one season under a manager who never played him. ETH may know how to get the best out DVB.
  • Steve also won The Eredivisie on his own right with an unfancied team. So he is no mug in coaching too.
  • Shagging hags or tg escort would not be an issue if he gave all on the pitch. Rooney has probably shagged more than ten hags and yes he got a bit of stick for a short time.
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    There is no targeting of any individual. Murtough is using Ralf to get what he wants which is change in a different direction. A lot of big organizations do that. Especially if there are public stakeholders.
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    I am sure that he has given Ralf the job to air this in public. Lots of big organizations bring an outside consultant to do an audit. No manager ( interim or not) is going to be saying what Ralf is continuing to say without a go ahead from his...
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    No. I am sure this has been done before and nothing has changed. Now it is in the public domain if they do not act, the fans would riot.
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    The question that needs to be asked is why did we stop playing like the first half against CP? I am very interested to know the answer and I hope once he leaves he gives the reason why we changed the style.
  • I think he is not going to make it in a possession based team. His first touch and his short passing is not that good. His long passing is good. Maybe with better players around him in midfield he may make it.
  • Is he still around? I thought he has beggared off.
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    :lol: I thought it is only Ole vs Ralf or Poch vs ETH. I guess the Cafe is crazy all over the place and not only on the football forums.