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    Or just “the Tiger Woods of football”? Better for longer though, and without being a real piece of work as a person. Good lord one summer’s work in a tournament nowhere near the standard of every single season’s Champions League really gets...
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    Yes it’s idiocy. Anyway, away from these idiots who feel you have to pick one or the other.... What a performance from Messi last night. He turned it on for half an hour then spent the rest of the night conserving energy for the challenges to come.
  • Yeah saw that. Guess it’s to spread the image and politics further.
  • If you really think this you don’t understand football or the laws of football.
  • You must be joking, no one with eyes is calling that anything other than a penalty, Koulibaly just wiped him out completely.
  • Griezmann is such a poor fit for Barcelona, he looks lost and not especially good.
  • It was an absolute, 100% penalty, not up for debate.
  • I know Barca are winning 3-1, but watching it, it doesn’t feel over.
  • They’re both fantastic players and the knee jerk reactions on the forum to a player having a bad game, even in these extraordinary circumstances, suggest a lack of understanding of football.
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    Just pick a famous respected recent player from your club. Boom, respect and control of the dressing room and they probably “get” the club and will make the fans happy. Honestly that stuff is very important in being a good manager!
  • I agree, put a high price on someone and suddenly they must be special! Like Andy Carroll.... Joking aside he is a good player but some posters don’t seem to appreciate that players make mistakes, even the best ones, and some are better in...
  • Hilarious, some people who have been screaming at United to sign Koulibaly are clearly actually watching him for the first time tonight.
  • Phenomenal work by Ronaldo last night and Messi tonight. Still the greatest, yeesh.
  • If Atalanta aren’t winning this, I’d like Messi to win one more CL.
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    The guy is not good enough, and also doesn’t have he right personality, for a top club. One of those things has affected the other. Luckily no one at the club will even be contemplating re-signing him!