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  1. Manchester City banned from CL for 2 seasons and fined 30 million euros | Daily Mail: appeal verdict on 13th July

    Trust me – I am writing my doctoral thesis on the Simpson trials – it was not the biggest miscarriage of justice ever. Did he do it? Yes. Was it the right decision to acquit him? Also yes. The prosecution couldn't prove he did it beyond a reasonable doubt.
  2. Diving Headers

    Was RVP's goal really a diving header? He headed the ball and proceeded to dive afterwards. For me a diving header requires the attacking player to dive and hit the ball with his head whilst diving. That shouldn't take away that it was an insanely beautiful goal.
  3. Top players who bounced back from a two (or more) year decline in form

    Pirlo before he went to Juve?
  4. Biggest managerial downgrades

    Iran went from Carlos Queiroz and almost knocking out Portugal at the WC to Wilmots and – maybe – not qualifying for the next WC.
  5. Unsung heroes in great teams.

    He was literally Sung.
  6. Private Jets.

    Can you ever really own a private jet?
  7. 75 Years Since Hitler's Death

    We basically didn't talk about WW1 in school. But literally every history lesson from 5th grade on was about the Nazis.
  8. Did he really play for them?

    The super entertaining Klinsmann era.
  9. Did he really play for them?

    Ali Karimi at Schalke.
  10. Did he really play for them?

    Massimo Oddo at Bayern.
  11. Live (and free) on | United v Bayern - CL Final - 26 May 1999

    how do you know that? the game hasn't started.
  12. Big moves for big players that turned out badly?

    I don't know why I know that, but Huntelaar signed in January.
  13. Falcão (futsal)

    Vahid Shamsaei was just as good.
  14. Could they void the PL due to the Coronavirus? | No | Resuming June 17th

    The German Icehockey league has just been suspended.