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    It must be depressing playing for him nowadays. Always complaining about something. I do however give him props for not starting Dele alli today. Talk about a limited player.
  • I was really impressed by him yesterday. Great planning and tactics by him. The great performance from Leipzig was down to his tactics. There was no luck involved in that display compared to our performance against...
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    Our whole midfield was poor. I except more from United players than just run around and make tackles. Matic is way too slow and Fred doesn't have the ability too consistently play Michael carrick balls to the numer 10 and forwards. That is my...
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    as i predicted, Ashley will do well in serie a and Inter.
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    That is true. He needs to be more desperate to score a goal and be a bit more selfish in and around the box. Lets hope its down to him not playing up top for a while and nothing else.
  • Freeney replied to the thread The “Ole In” Brigade.
    Spot on. I would however add Martial to the Rashford and Pogba camp. Just look how hard it was for Rashford to do anything up top when he was playing as a lone striker without Martial or Pogba in the team. He was basically getting the same...
  • i’m afraid that people expect more than his talent is capable of. He’s a decent player who will add to our squad, but what we need in the summer is another ” blue ship” player in that midfield.
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    Its clear that you haven't watched Werner a lot if you call him much better than Martial. You really think that Werner or any other striker in the world would score a lot of golas in this team without Pogba? If the top clubs had a choice of...
  • What do you mean by the long stretch? He was excellent/pretty good for a couple of years ( from the second half of the 09/10 season to the end of the 2011/2012 season). He made some big contributions throughout his time here. And he has...
  • Freeney replied to the thread Pogba and McTominay injuries.
    Seems a bit early but hopefully true. I dont want to see another lack of judgement from Ole or the medical team.
  • Jeff Bezos is even cheaper than the Glazers.
  • Like the time Rashford was carrying us when Martial was injured?
  • Good to see the club not wasting money on a panic move. Let's see how they both performs though. I have my doubts on both.
  • That is true. Especially with Ramsey. That signing with those wages made no sense at the time. They have aquired a lot players in the midfield without some significant upgrades. They still play Kheidra and Matuidi for god’s sake. They perhaps...
  • Talk about a panic move. This guy has no technique and dont fit how we play. Basically a b tech Lukaku.