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  1. Saudi sports minister gives update on buying club from Glazers

    Can you see the Billionaire episode of Hasan Minaj on Netflix. Bill and Melinda Gate foundation have done a lot of work but they are no saints.
  2. Post match vs Manchester City

    Thoughts as a neutral - 1. Utd scouting team deserve huge credit. James is a proper top notch player. 2. Work ethic was right there in the entire team. Fred was a standout for me. 3. Walker with a few rugby tackles could have been off. 4. None of the handball shouts had a lot of merit. Utd...
  3. Pochettino sacked by Spurs

    It is highly likely that Poch may want a break from the game till the end of this season atleast. So perhaps all this mid-season Ole sack talk (for Poch that is) should slow down.
  4. If there is slight contact but you massively exaggerate it, should it count as a dive?

    Seconds before there is a big whack on Kovacic foot that VAR finds acceptable. System encourages players to go down and is ridiculous.
  5. Ole & United vs. Frank & Chelsea: who will have the better season?

    I am a Chelsea fan and number of titles have no relevence to individual quality.
  6. Post match vs Chelsea

    Personally, I think Ole's setup should be more effective against top clubs as opposed to bottom half where Utd has to be creative against a low block counter attacking teams.
  7. Ole & United vs. Frank & Chelsea: who will have the better season?

    Utd played well and defended well. They tpok their chances. Deserved win imo. Hopefully Rudi, Kante, Emerson, Ruben being back at various stages would help us. Odoi and Puli are far from finished articles. Hope they learn from this
  8. Granit "The Hacker" Xhaka | Likes his greens

    Being emotional is not same as being spineless. Emotions can be great motivation really. Take your ''men dont cry" ideology and have a rethink.
  9. Ole & United vs. Frank & Chelsea: who will have the better season?

    I do think stories of Utd's demise are greatly exaggerated. Have a feeling that couple more windows will sort you out for few years.
  10. Is Chelsea still considered a sugar daddy club?

    I get it. Chelsea and City dont count because they are the only clubs to buy success in history of english soccer apparently. Spurs and Arsenal are unlikely to win the league anytime soon. Liverpool have not since last 30 years. So Utd are the only big club to have won and "deserved" their...
  11. Is Chelsea still considered a sugar daddy club?

    Tomorrow if a club like Newcastle is bought by rich American/Thai/Japanese owners and they aspire to be on par with top English clubs, what in the world are their options? A model where you inject enough cash at start for the club to go on and become self sufficient down the line seems best...
  12. Daniel James | 2019/20 Performances

    Giggs said he was play acting but I dont believe it. How often have you seen a player lay motionless like that on contact. Players who embellish contact roll few times or at least instinctively touch the area they are feighning injuries. Guess will get a better idea in upcoming days if he sits...
  13. Rashford must be dropped!

    Is Martial fit enough now for Rashford to be rotated?
  14. United’s next manager

    Really really really missed a huge chance not getting Conte. He really is world class! Thankfully though for rest of the league.
  15. Ole Gunnar Solskjær | 2019/20 Discussion

    Who would you guys appoint to replace him at this stage of the season? Are there clear favorites? At the end of the season, there is chance for Poch but who would you replace him with right now?