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  1. Manchester United vs AZ Alkmaar

    This is shocking from the players and Ole.
  2. Bond 25 | No Time To Die

    007 is the code name. James Bond is not a code name. Just a singular character throughout the series. The death of Bonds wife in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service for instance, is referenced in future films with different Bond actors. Bonds reaction to that wouldn’t make sense if it was an alter ego.
  3. Awful Movie Accents

    “Put the bunny back in the box”
  4. The RedCafe Boxing Thread

    I think they both support United actually. I’m sure I read that somewhere.
  5. Manchester United vs Tottenham Hotspur

    They are on Amazon prime mate. Do a free 30 day sign up.
  6. Awful Movie Accents

    Jesus. He’s English as well:lol:
  7. Manchester United vs Tottenham Hotspur

    thank you mate.
  8. Manchester United vs Tottenham Hotspur

    7.30 kickoff? Is that correct?
  9. Solskjær sack watch | 2019/20 edition

    Why is it no other team in world football needs a three year rebuild?
  10. Solskjær sack watch | 2019/20 edition

    We are the laughing stock of world football. It’s absolutely heartbreaking watching this all unfold. 99.9% of clubs would have sacked Ole for this disgraceful run of results. Then again, 99.9% of teams would never have appointed him in the first place:(
  11. Manchester United vs Aston Villa

    How the feck has the board got such confidence in Solskjær?
  12. Manchester United vs Aston Villa

    Another disgraceful performance.
  13. Ole Gunnar Solskjær | Permanent manager

    Don’t forget, you’re not doing this supporting thing right unless you back Ole no matter what. The fan base would rather accept mediocrity than admit that Solskjær isn’t good enough.
  14. Would you sack or keep Ole? (Poll added)

    Funny that both Maguire and Wan Bissaka have looked worse the more time they’ve spent being coached by Ole and his team. Same goes for most of our squad in fact.