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  1. Get behind the manager and club

    Logic isn't part of the narrative
  2. Get behind the manager and club

    Whether talking about football or anything else, online culture doesn't represent real life. My experience in Manchester is always that the majority of reds I chat to are quite pragmatic and realistic about the expectations on the current team. Forums and social media is just tabloid level...
  3. Erling Haaland or Jadon Sancho?

    It's obvious we need a proper striker over more fancy wingers. However, it's delusional it think Haaland will ever play for United. Seriously don't do this to yourselves.
  4. Erling Haaland | Dortmund player

    Wellbeck would have had 100 goals by age 20 if he'd played in France
  5. Rashford and Martial are a problem

    Martial is brilliant on his day. But surely we can all agree after 5 years that he's not suddenly going to become a consistent top player
  6. Erling Haaland | Dortmund player

    Fantastic player However, it needs to be said that the defending and goalkeeping for his first 3 today was shocking.
  7. Why do we have a meltdown today?

    Yes United's performances have been fairly lacklustre, but we all knew it would be a tough start given the fact we played the Europa tournament so close to the start of the new season. I think we'll start picking up some momentum in the Christmas period and have a much better second half of the...
  8. Is it a matter of time before heading is banned?

    Yeah just joking, but can see it happen as well though!
  9. Is it a matter of time before heading is banned?

    Just introduce helmets. Then we can increase heading Also, more space for additional sponsors
  10. Cyber attack

    United will have hundreds of thousands of people's personal details on file (names, addresses, bank details etc.) The same as when other companies get hacked
  11. Is Lingard as good as gone?

    More ridiculous whataboutery.... Lingard won that FA Cup just as much as Ole won the CL for us. Amazing how people's narrative against a player can blind them so much they'll dismiss a winning cup final goal.
  12. Is Lingard as good as gone?

    With time the hysteria just fades away to nothing. He'll be remembered for the high points in the long run. For example, Diego Forlan. He was truly shit, an embarrassing spell at United. Ridiculed up and down the land. Nowadays if mentioned it's just for two scrappy goals at Anfield and most of...
  13. Is Lingard as good as gone?

    For all the unnecessary grief he gets, people should remember he won the FA Cup for United. Few footballers anywhere ever reach a career pinnacle like that. In years to come that's what he'll be remembered fondly for.
  14. Signings since Fergie

    Crickey, was Dan James really £18m?
  15. Should we consider selling Pogba?

    In the context of discussing our current manager's authority (in relation to Pogba), it seems relevant that the previous manager felt he had no authority over this player (so why could Ole?) Again, I simple asked if anyone could clarify what Jose said as I couldn't remember all the detail.