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  1. Jadon Sancho - "White Smoke over Old Trafford"

    They have this extraordinary talent for piszing off every fanbase.
  2. Ferran Torres - Man City Player

    He’s had some problems at Dortmund too, I think. His timekeeping is not the best.
  3. Jack Grealish

    Really? Do you want to check that?
  4. Ferran Torres - Man City Player

    Sane, Mahrez and Bernardo all had bedding in periods where they played in minor games and warmed the bench while adapting to the style of play and Torres will probably be no different. Apparently he’s two footed with a slightly stronger right foot so should be able to do a good job on either flank.
  5. Television The Pro Graps Thread

    Sad to read of the death of Mark Rocco one if the top UK wrestlers of the World of Sport era. He had some great matches with Marty Jones, Big Daddy, Kendo Nagasaki and The Dynamite Kid in the UK plus as Black Tiger had a great feud with Tiger Mask in Japan.
  6. Players you really wanted here but failed when they joined other clubs

    Well this City fan reckons that Otamendi had one outstanding season (17/18) but has been a cardiac kid the rest of the time. Partially explained by our tactics of committing so many players upfield and putting the remaining defenders under great pressure should the attack break down. Ota is too...
  7. Jadon Sancho - "White Smoke over Old Trafford"

    He’s a superb player. 10 years or more of him if you keep him happy. Get him in if you can.
  8. Manchester United vs Southampton

    Why do people keep asking this? Only a few games left, contracts and pay to be settled for some and it's the most high profile game they have left in which to make a statement.
  9. Manchester United vs Southampton

    One of the best dead ball strikers in PL.
  10. Manchester United vs Southampton

    They are gameraisers. Did same against us recently.
  11. Manchester City 19/20 season

    After Ederson there are question marks about all our keepers. Bravo and Carson are on borrowed time and Muric's loan at Forest was a season wasted. Bazunu had a shaky start in the youth team but has improved but is behind American international Zack Steffen who is is on City's books and is...
  12. Top players who bounced back from a two (or more) year decline in form

    Edin Dzeko was poor in his last couple of seasons at City but became a very dangerous striker in Serie A.