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  1. Tanguy Ndombele | Signed For Spurs

    Close the thread, already. We lost, again :rolleyes:
  2. Tanguy Ndombele | Signed For Spurs

    No no noooooooooooooo Only 62 M € ! No no noooooooooooooo Ed it's official now, no matter what you do this summer, you can't fix all the mistakes you already made. You didn't try to get him for 62 M € ? Just where are you going to find a better deal ? Nowhere you fool, just leave us alone...
  3. Tanguy Ndombele | Signed For Spurs

    Yes sir, he certainly only fit Spurs and definetly not United, we should pull out so you (Spurs fan) can keep haggling over the fee for the better player, while we go for less talented ones. In your dream ! We should call your and Juventus bluff and blow both of you out of the water, by...
  4. Potential Herrera Replacements

    No white text ? :rolleyes:
  5. Potential Herrera Replacements

    Ndombele is the best option. Partey is the 2nd best. Tielemans is the 3th best
  6. Adrien Rabiot / completing formalities at Juventus

    No, he just said that he will probably accept the transfer, if the fee is accepted by Lyon. We still don't know if Spurs or Juventus can match the asking price of 90 M €. Ed must throw the money now and see if someone can follow. If nobody can, we will probably get him, if we offer a good salary.
  7. Summer 2019 Midfield Rebuild

    If that is the midfielder targets, we can probably get Tielemans and Longstaff for low fee. Rabiot is going to Juventus and Rice asking price will be way too high this window. Nb: This weird, we should be after Ndombele, Lo Celso, Maddison, Neves and Partey, before trying to get Tielemans and...
  8. Adrien Rabiot / completing formalities at Juventus

    Game over, he chose Juventus over us. He would have looked like a foul if he didn't get a CL club, after PSG. Just move on to the next target (Please get Ndombele and forget Fernandes).
  9. Tanguy Ndombele | Signed For Spurs

    That is not the point, There was a time, before the end of the saison, when we identified him and were without any rivals. If we didn't wait and offered the fee that Lyon wanted at this moment, we will already know if Ndombele wanted to come, way before Spurs, Juventus contacted Lyon. We just...
  10. Tanguy Ndombele | Signed For Spurs

    Yes, agree 100 % with everything you said.
  11. Tanguy Ndombele | Signed For Spurs

    You believe this summer look like we are executing some kind of plan ? Because, i don't. Everything indicated that we will sign Ndombele this summer because we started talking to Lyon, way before the end of the saison, when absolutly no rivals was mentioned, but Ed stupidly waited and now we...
  12. Tanguy Ndombele | Signed For Spurs

    Most of the time, deadwood are moved after the replacement are bought, but i still agree. Darmian, Young, Jones, Mata, Rojo and Matic should be moved on this window. As soon as the Pogba going to Real circus started, french media has said that we were the most interesed club for him, way...
  13. Tanguy Ndombele | Signed For Spurs

    Please, close this deal now, Real said that he is the plan B if they can't get Pogba. If it's true, that Adidas is forcing us to keep Pogba and we don't move for Ndombele now, that will leave us with a unhappy player, while his best available replacement / partner will be sold to Real. Please...
  14. Tanguy Ndombele | Signed For Spurs

    We will do everything to hijack you and get your place in the top 4.
  15. We are completely dependent on Pogba's contribution

    That was one game in an experimental starting 11, but he mostly look good in this formation, atleast way better than as a n*8 for United. I mean, you can play him in advanced role or in the deeper role if his partner is full of energy. Basicaly, he can attack and he can contain, but not...