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  1. Serge Gnabry

    No idea, and depending on how much it is exactly, I'm also not sure if it would be smart. As I said, it's a very stupid problem to have brought upon oneself. But I also think the ship on 'smart' wages at Bayern has sailed; our wages are among Europe's top 3 already, so obviously players'...
  2. Serge Gnabry

    Gnabry? I'd hope at least 50m €, although the danger of him running down his contract is absolutely there with only one more year to it.
  3. Serge Gnabry

    Only Lewandowski actively wants to leave, it seems. Gnabry would happily stay, but wants more money. It's an entirely self-made problem which stems from making Sané one of the top earners immediately with his signature for the club, which was always going to cause unrest among players longer at...
  4. Qatar World Cup to use semi-automated offside technology

    They already are, at least this will hopefully be faster and more accurate than the line drawing shenanigans.
  5. Serge Gnabry

    Losing Gnabry especially with Lewandowski probably gone would be stupid, just very very stupid.
  6. Gaming Disco Elysium

    I read and skip the dialogue instead of listening to it all, even though I absolutely love the voice acting. I don't have the kind of time on my hands to have it completely read to me ^^
  7. Gaming Disco Elysium

    Maybe, maybe not. The first hours are pretty weird and confusing (and intentionally so, given the main character's state of mind) and you might still hit the flow a bit later. Buut of course the game might just not be for you. I mean the game is mostly like a classic isometric RPG of the...
  8. Gaming Disco Elysium

    In the end you'll find many of the most miniscule things that you have stumbled upon have very much to do with the game itself, it's pretty brilliant-slash-mad.
  9. Gaming Disco Elysium

  10. Gaming Disco Elysium

    Oof, that's a big miss indeed!
  11. Gaming Disco Elysium

    Finished the game yesterday. The final section of the game was actually my least favorite. Not the final location per se, but the sudden switch to a much narrower scope of interaction and location felt a bit jarring. Also, for the first time i felt that the interactions were too verbose at the...
  12. Gaming Building a gaming PC

    Ah, then of course the board makes sense if it comes with features you specifically need for your planned usage.
  13. Gaming Building a gaming PC

    Solid choices, only the Z690-board seems twice as expensive as necessary here. ^^ What did you pay for all stuff combined? May it serve you long and well ;)
  14. Television Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi

    The finale was all over the place. Showdown at half time, followed by another showdown which just fizzles out. I mean, I liked it in parts, the fighting was pretty awesome, but overall it felt very jumbled to me.
  15. Gaming Disco Elysium

    I have a terrible feeling that I'm nearing the end of the game, but i still want more of the world and the interactions! Also the music. And the mysteriousness. And the impending doom.