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  1. Harry Kane

    Please, no. Just no.
  2. Would you sell Rashford?

    I think we can agree on that. There are far more serious and imminent issues to deal with at the moment. I would not say he carried the club for years but for sure he was a bright spark. We just to need to be very careful for how long past stats will give Marcus a free bye for the future.
  3. Would you sell Rashford?

    The question is how do you interpret these statistics. Michael Owen had even better numbers at the same age. Did Liverpool really miss him? You cannot make decisions only on past performances. If you do not contribute to the present, your past performances are good for history books.
  4. Michael Carrick leaves Manchester United

    Thank you. Great player. Fantastic lad. Wishing him nothing but success in the future.
  5. Aaron Wan-Bissaka | 2021/22 Performances

    He needs soooo many touches on the ball.
  6. Ole’s farewell interview

    That was tough to watch. Forget for a second all that is going on. Whether is was right to appoint him in the first place. Or discuss it in another thread. The man genuinely loves United. You see how much he hurts at the moment. Sacking Moyes, LvG or Jose…they were outsiders. Ole is part of...
  7. Interim manager discussion: Who replaces the interim interim manger (Carrick)?

    The correct answer is Carlos Queiroz. He would improve our defense in no time.
  8. Manchester United vs Everton

    I dont like to moan before the kick-off but WTF? Come on Ole!
  9. Edinson Cavani | 2021/22 Performances

    MotM for me. His attitude is phenomenal. What a fighter!
  10. Players whose names are a lie

    Robin van Persie - is not from Persia.
  11. Television Best TV Finales of All Time?

    Mate, that is good news. I have always planned to rewatch it "someday". But at the same time I was worried that it aged badly and my memories will suffer :). I will definitely give it go soon.
  12. Film Worst Oscar snubs of all time?

    Snubs are snubs. Ralph Fiennes not wining Oscar for Amon Goth is a crime. Beyond any comprehension. edit: And Al Pacino should have won several Oscars. Scent of a woman is not even in Top 3 of his best performances. It is still fantastic though.
  13. Television Bosch Tv Series

    Same here.