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  1. Manchester United vs Southampton

    How have we never improved against teams who press? Still nice goal by Rashford. Good work form Martial too.
  2. Aston Villa vs Manchester United

    Greenwood! It hard to not get excited about his future when you see stuff like this.
  3. Bruno Fernandes | 2020 Performances

    fecking idiots.
  4. Music Progressive Metal

    Oh yes.! Satellites from their Hail Stan is a killer too. This vocalist has an amazing range.
  5. Music The Ultimate Metal thread.

    Only released on March 13th, and this has been my album of the year, so far. And one of the best progressive metalcore ever, according to /r/metalcore. I can't really get enough of this album. Been listening to this whole album on repeat.
  6. Jesse Lingard | 2019/20 Performances

    He wasn't standing out as pure crap as usual.
  7. Manchester United vs Club Brugge

    + a bag of crisps.
  8. Attention Liverpool fans

    Hitler did nothing wrong.
  9. Would you sack or keep Ole? (Poll reopened)

    'I don't care', 'I completely believe', 'I won't be swayed from that belief, 'Call it gut feeling, or instinct' That post reads like a fluff piece in support of Ole. No facts, and all blind faith.
  10. Bruno Fernandes: Manchester United Player

    You know that Ashley Young was a midfielder, right?
  11. Manchester City vs Manchester United

    Lingard should be locked in somewhere and never be allowed to leave.
  12. Ed Woodward's house attacked by 20-30 balaclava wearing "United fans"

    Shit like this are only gonna make his job safer.
  13. Tranmere Rovers vs Manchester United

    When Ole wins this, it will be all hunky dory again for many in this forum. I'm not gonna like this.
  14. Manchester United vs Burnley

    That is some goal though. :(