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  1. Guess Erik's starting 11 next season

    DDG Timber Varane Maguire Shaw DVB FDJ Fred Bruno Sancho Ronaldo
  2. What percentage of games are you willing to write off if we play good football?

    Good football is winning. No one would care if LVG or Jose won titles with there style of football. Some of the football we played for the years after Ronaldo left was horrible to watch but we kept winning, no one cared.
  3. England/ your NT winning EURO vs United winning treble next season

    I'd take Utd winning just the FA cup next season over England winning anything. Would rather Int football was done away with.
  4. Current Players Who Are Good Enough To Stay In The First XI

    DDG, AWB, Maguire and Rashford. Pogba will be long gone and the rest need replacing. 7 new players are needed for the starting 11 to be a challenging team once again. Players who can still be squad players: Romero, Lindelof, Williams, Tuanzebe, McTomminay, Fred, James and Martial Youngsters...
  5. Expectations for 2019/2020 Season?

    Think we will get 75-80 points and finish 3rd this season. Win the Europa League. Rashford our top scorer with 18-22 league goals
  6. Liverpool - 2017/18

    Matic got 7 assists in the league last season, same amount as Coutinho.
  7. At what point does Aguero leave little City?

    Think he will leave this summer. But it won't be his choice. Don't think he does what Pep is looking for from a striker, and he won't change. Pep doesn't want a goalie that saves or a striker who scores it seems. Sell him to Madrid, which will raise him to another level in reputation, after he...
  8. 2016/17: Half-term review

    6/10 The biggest disappointment was the 4 home draws in a row. We outplayed all 4 teams, and would be second 5 points off Chelsea if we had won. No other issues.
  9. Manchester City under Pep Guardiola | Pep on City v Liverpool ref: "He likes to be special"

    The same JM who won the CL with Porto and Inter? Has Pep ever won a comp when he wasn't managing the best team in it? Nope.
  10. What can we expect this year? (Your expectations for 2016/2017)

    The league cup is ours. Jose always wins that :D Seriously though, I think we will challenge for the title but may just fall short and finish 2nd or 3rd. A good run and some luck could see us lift the title, but I think City having Agüero could be the difference between them and everyone else...
  11. Jürgen Klopp Watch | ZERO wins against top 4 | ZERO goals in 3 finals | Goofy: “Book your tickets to Istanbul 2023”

    He managed 52 games last season for Liverpool. What do you call that?
  12. Will we break our transfer record this summer?

    He didn't turn his back on us, he turned his back on SAF and was right to do so. SAF had a problem with Pogba's agent so wouldn't play him. Pogba done the only thing he could do. Second biggest mistake SAF ever made for us, but not the only time he put himself before the best interests of the club.
  13. Lingard, Starter, Sub, or cash in?..

    Its a squad game lads. He defo needs to stick around. Can't be getting rid of young local talent just because they don't reach the very top. Wish we never sold Welbeck and Cleverley for the same reasons.
  14. Top Four is going to be tough next season | In other news grass is green and water is wet

    Or its possible more than 1 of those teams under perform like this season. No chance Leicester finish top 4 and Spurs were only there because 4 other teams were poor.
  15. is anyone else as excited about next season?

    Very. Wish they would just cancel the Euros and start the season early :D