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  1. Richard Keys: The Ramblings of a Madman

    Always hoped Gray would disassociate with Keys and eventually head back to Sky
  2. Premier League Gameweek 35/36

    Absolutely baffled by Brighton's defensive record
  3. Manchester United vs Leicester City

    Absolutely sensational from Ole
  4. Donny Van de Beek

    He's like Aaron Ramsey without the ability or confidence, goals via runs from deep is the only way he's going to make it at Utd but I don't think Ole will move away from the two runners in midfield
  5. Your PL team of the season

    The only argument for Rashford is his output and Son has more
  6. Your PL team of the season

    Was surprised Carra didn't pick Coady again
  7. Premier League Gameweek 35/36

    McTominay really is just Darron Gibson with better cardio
  8. Chelsea appoint Thomas Tuchel

    I’d be interested in knowing how you rate Utds EL run before I give any credence to this post
  9. Chelsea appoint Thomas Tuchel

    What's his league record like, have they been the best in the league since he took over?
  10. AS Roma vs Manchester United

    vdb and telles isn't a capable left flank at any level of football
  11. Saudis taking over Newcastle | Maybe not

    Would love to see Newcastle with big money backing, not interested in whether it would displease the old guard or not
  12. Chelsea appoint Thomas Tuchel

    Bitter nonsense from that guy
  13. Champions league Semi Finals 2020-21 - April 27-28 and May 4-5

    It'll always be the "Thursday nights, Channel 5" Cup to me
  14. United are a top 7 club right now

    Yep, sort of negates the idea of any cup fluke having occurred, the two sides with the most depth look like the best teams around at the business end of the season.
  15. Chelsea 2020/21 - General discussion

    They always have enough good players for these incredible runs to occur, and they're constantly signing enough good players above the head of managers that they don't need to "waste" years in transition. With Utd obviously the approach to squad building is more traditional and CL Finals have...