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  1. Birmingham lack of success in English Football

    You know I've always thought of folk from Edinburgh as being like how the Canadians are portrayed in South Park, wee flappy heads, beady eyes. "Ken whit am tawkin aboot' eh?" Obviously, with being a Glasgow man, I'm a little biased here but I never felt Edinburgh was a very welcoming City, very...
  2. If you can put a plaque at our dressing room

    Away Dressing Room
  3. Bellamy y ffasgaidd?

    These days, you get arrested and thrown in jail if you say you're English, don't you?
  4. Varchester City 18/19 discussion

    Out of curiosity how do the Manchester based supporters on this forum view out of town supporters? Or even supporters outwith England? More specifically Scotland, Ireland, and Wales, curious more as to what they think about supporters from those countries because of age-old rivalries that go...
  5. Lukaku's "touch"

    King Midas in reverse, one for The Hollies fans on here ;)
  6. Paul Pogba | 2018/19 Performances

    I don't think he is a bad player, there is clearly a player in there, and I don't think it helps that Mourinho plays in him in a deeper position. However, his attitude stinks, for a so-called world class player he doesn't seem to give an eff, I'd rather have guys like O'Shea and Phil Neville in...
  7. Lukaku's "touch"

    I see Diego Forlan is still playing, I'd have him over Lukaku.
  8. Post match vs Southampton

    It is going to take a long time, a very long time to sort out this mess we find ourselves in.
  9. Jim Leighton Interview | I've never spoken to SAF since

    Before my time but I've read and seen a bit of Leighton, he always had a howler in him, didn't he? Les Sealy came in and was an immediate improvement.
  10. Dean Henderson loan watch I Sheffield United 2018-19

    Sounds like a right blunder from Henderson, from what they are saying on TalkSport. However, they also said he has played a blinder today. Every good keeper has a moment of madness in him, maybe that is a sign.
  11. Southampton vs Manchester United

    To what tune is that sung?
  12. Post match vs Young Boys

    Awful performance, happy to be in the last 16 though.
  13. Manchester United vs Young Boys

    State of Mourinho there.