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  1. West Ham United vs Manchester United

    Absolute horse shit.
  2. Young Boys vs Manchester United

    Feck sake Lingard.
  3. Jadon Sancho | 2021/22 Performances

    Geez, some people are really quick to write a player off. He's not had a massive immediate impact, but I think he did well today. I don't think it will be too long before he starts finding his feet and imposing himself a bit more.
  4. Post match vs Newcastle United

    We dominated possession, but I don't think Newcastle looked to be struggling to contain us too much. Particularly in that first half, when it was a lot of sideways passes outside their 18 yard box until the attack broke down. Plus we still gave away a few opportunities where we looked stretched...
  5. Post match vs Newcastle United

    Great result and 3 beautiful goals. Weirdly, we weren't as dominant as the scoreline suggests, certainly not in terms of chance creation. I'm looking forward to when we are.
  6. Manchester United vs Newcastle United

    What a pick out by De Gea.
  7. Manchester United vs Newcastle United

    When we defend poorly, we really do defend poorly.
  8. Manchester United vs Newcastle United

    Half time would probably would have been called after 1 minutes without it. Isn't that just so delicious.
  9. Manchester United vs Newcastle United

    Get in. What a sweet sweet goal. Stoppage time goal: check Ronaldo second debut goal: check Mistake by the time wasting twat: check.
  10. The early September international break

    I would happily scrap international football and wouldn't miss the world cup or euros. Bin it all.
  11. Declan Rice

    West ham would probably feel more comfortable selling him to us than Chelsea.
  12. Paul Pogba | Ornstein: Pogba leaning towards signing new contract

    Anger management reference?
  13. If you could change the outcome, or one specific moment, from a single match what would it be?

    This is always my first response when this question comes up. We should have had a penalty when Distan(?) fouled Ronaldo. We win that match and we probably would have had another treble.
  14. Southampton vs Manchester United

    We're getting sloppy again. This match really could go either way, but you feel it's down to us. If we finish this sloppy we'll throw it away.
  15. Pep's spending is insane (£941m and counting at City)

    Think it's a developmental fee that all clubs get when a player they developed moves. I think it's age capped. It's more to benefit smaller clubs if a player they developed and sold gets a big transfer later on.